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@ZOS - Can you look into how the API reports damage shields (aka wards)

Using either the default UI, ggFrames, FTC, and probably every other UI addon there are repeated instances where your damage shield display will become bugged out. This happens often enough for myself personally that I have to shut down the game at least once a night to fix it. /ReloadUI does nothing. I think logging out and back in might fix it but I'm not sure. What happens is that somehow your dmg shield display on your health bar will get stuck at a certain value. Casting a damage shield on top of that will add to the displayed value, making it look like you have a huge dmg shield, when in reality you do not. I have no visual evidence of this to present to you right now, but it is a known issue at least in the PVP crowd, and it most certainly isn't an addon only issue as the default frames does it just as often. I believe it may be related to lag and shield stacking.

It isn't the worst bug in the game right now, but it is very frustrating to deal with on a nightly basis and is something that I am not sure if you have been made aware of.

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