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Siege attack view

Anyone who finds it annoying that when placing trebuchets near trees that your attack zone isnt good visible?
When setting up trebuchets it would be better that trees would be made partially visible. They are blocking the zone where you attack.

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  • Itoq
    ESO is over a year old. Anything you experience in game should be considered a feature at this point.

  • ToRelax
    And while you're at it, make the camera position ignore battlements and gate houses so I don't have to aim out of some corner and again can't see anything. If that's possible...
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  • c0rp
    And to add insult to injury, the console version has an "overhead" view from siege, eliminating all those ridiculous camera views you get on PC.
    Force weapon swap to have priority over EVERYTHING. Close enough.
    Make stamina builds even with magicka builds.
    Disable abilities while holding block.
    Give us a REASON to do dungeons more than once.
    Remove PVP AoE CAP. It is ruining Cyrodiil.
    Fix/Remove Forward Camps. They are ruining Cyrodiil.
    Impenetrability needs to REDUCE CRIT DAMAGE. Not negate entire builds.
    Werewolf is not equal to Vamps/Bats.
  • fritzOSU03
    c0rp wrote: »
    And to add insult to injury, the console version has an "overhead" view from siege, eliminating all those ridiculous camera views you get on PC.

    This sounds nice. I hate that my view is completely blocked by the siege weapon if there's something behind my character.
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  • Valnas
    don't worry, after console beta we'll get some dev's back to finish our game. PASHUNTS.
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  • Daveheart
    Maybe they'll add in the aerial view when they add controller support to the PC product. Maybe?
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  • Dreyloch
    Occlusion is the graphics term we need. But considering the theory that the lighting patch made things bad, idk if it's even worth doing.
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  • Sylvyr
    Now that they made siege important again, they really should fix this.
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  • Potenza
    Totally agree with this AND placement issues too - Really now, why can't two siege be right next to each other, isn't it enough that you can't place one on an ant hill because its not flat enough?
  • Joy_Division
    Trees OP.
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