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DAGGERFALL TRADE MASTERS (all alliances are welcome)

Hee are you looking for that active and friendly Trade guild?
Not just for trading but also to find people to:
PvP with or trials or do Dragonstar arena etc?
Then join Daggerfall Trade Masters we offer:

5 DAYS ACTIVITY (this makes us one of the best places to buy and sell :)
EVENTS: (naked char run and all that kind of stuff)

What do we ask?
Be friendly
Deposit at least 1K gold a week for the guild trader (you will get profit easily believe me :)
And invite people to the guild if you can its hard to do it alone :)

If you want to join just send a mail to @skyunuma @rubenhoi (this is me) or @jitterbug they will gladly invite you to our guild!
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