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No Wait Log out or Quit zones

I was wondering if anyone has a list of zones where there is no 10 second wait to log out or quit? I guess you could call them Instant Quit Zones
I know they are not the same in all areas, like not all banks and not all stables are Instant Quit Zones.

The ones i use on a regular basis are:
Davon's Watch Stable, Daggerfall Stable and Bank and area in front of bank, Veylyn Harbor Bank and street in front

Does anyone know of an add on for this?
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  • UrQuan
    As a general rule, anywhere inside a city is one of these zones. Some of the cities seem to have odd ideas about what exactly is inside the city, and what isn't, though. For example, in Rawl'ka the bank seems to actually be just outside city limits, while in Riften the stables are outside the city walls, yet seem to actually be within city limits.
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  • MissBizz
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    From what I have noticed, outlaw refuges are not considered safe zones. Although I have not attempted to log out in all of them, I cannot confirm if it is all of them, or if I was on the wrong side of one or something.
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