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Seeks-The-Truths, Argonian Huntress

Rain, It was always raining in Argonia. It was a constant down pour that made the mud squelch with each footstep. The mosquitos, each the size of a gold coin hovered despite the downpour. Ocassionaly one of the presistent insects would land upon the Guar and begin to drain it of its vitae. Not that the dead animal needed it anymore.

"What do you think did it?" Slips-Through-Reeds said as he leaned lightly upon his staff. He was tall even by Saxhlell standards but his lithe frame made for a rather unassuming member of his species. He wore robes and currently had his hood pulled up against the downpour covering his horned head and letting his blue eyes hide in shadows.

"It was a Wamasu." Seeks-the-Truths said confidently. She wore no hood as the rain poured over her stripped scaled form. Her medium armor accentuated her curves while still providing ample protection though her feet were bare. At her hip hung a Saxhlell longsword and her shield was strapped securely to her left arm. The blue feathers that ran in a line down her head between the small fins atop her cranium matched Slips-Through-Reeds eye color. Her long tail swayed behind her as she picked through the farm Guar's entrails delicately.

"Thrice cursed my farm is if it is a Wamasu!" exclaimed the farmer as he threw up his taloned hands and erected the spine of fear. "Dearest Egg-Sister, it is rude to scare our patron." Slips-Through-Reeds said watching the farmer head for his mud hut. Seeks-The-Truths simply wiped her bloody claws on her thigh lightly and stood up. "He's already paid for us to eliminate what's killing his Guar. What do I care if he doesn't want to hear whats doing it." Seeks-The-Truths said lightly before she began walking around the saltrice field she was in looking for clues as to where the Wamasu went and why it had not taken the kill with it.

"Your positive it was a Wamasu?" The elder of the two asked before he pointed his staff at the Guar and launched a stream of molten fire at it. Instantly the flesh caught fire with blue flames and filled the area witht he smell of burning flesh. "I am positive." Was all Seeks-The-Truths said before she climbed the edge of the mud hole as if following an unseen trail.

Soon her Egg-Brother was following with his staff putting a notch in the ground as he walked. as they entered the wild marshlands he would press just a bit harder to make a big enough divot to see easilly. What he was doing was making a trail to follow back to the farm should they become lost hunting the Wamasu.
Nothing more was said amongst the hunters as they stalked there prey. Seeks-The-Truth was an expert tracker and her Egg-Brother provided a good degree of fire power when they had tracked there kill. But they had never faced a Wamasu, one of the legendary hunters of Shadowfen. Slips-Through-Reeds couldn't help but feel nervous because he lacked his Egg-Sisters confidence.

Shortly before dark the rain broke and the cloud parted in a grim red sunset. "We should turn back Egg-Sister. A red horizon is a bad omen amongst the Egg Tenders." Slips-Through-Reeds said before clenching his fist before him. when he opened it again an orb of MAgelight formed and began to circle around him.
"Douse the light you fool!" Seeks-The-Truths hissed angrilly as she suddenly stopped. To late a terrible crashing could be heard thundering towards them. It crashed through the swamp like a force of nature only heralded other then the noise by the smell of death. The Undead Wamasu leapt first at Seeks, but she rolled tot he side and drew her blade in the same fluid motion. The abomination's momentum carried it towards Slips but the mage was fast. He spun the staff in front of him before slamming the top into the ground. Instantly a rune scorched into the earth.

When the Undead Wamasu hit the rune it was launched into the air by a powerful explosion that did no more the ruffle Slips robes. "Foul Necromancy!" Slips yelled. When the Wamasu had hit the ground its underbelly was ablaze. The necrotic creature paid no attention to the flames however as it swung its boney tail at the source of the magelight.

Slips raised a magical barrier but he was still launched into the air by the attack and sent into the reeds from the force of it. Before it could give chase however Seeks leapt onto its back and buried her sword into the top of its skull. the creature reared up and let out a silent roar before going into a thrashing death roll.
Seeks leapt to the side before being crushed under the undead creatures bulk while her sword snapped clean in half from the creatures roll. She tried to get to her feet but her claws slid in the mud as the creature was upon her. She had just enough time to slip in the mud in the attempt to dodge the claw swipe. It's claws caught her right across the right side of her face, blinding her on that side with an out rushing of blood. Seeks looked att he creature as it continued its advance and now stood over her ready to kill her in one bite.

"Bonaar Bah Ahraan!" a booming voice yelled through the marsh a moment before the heavens split and a daedric portal opened right between Seeks and the Wamasu. A moment later a Clanfear came charging out and slammed its domed skull right into the Wamasu's maw effectively plugging it. Seeks had seen her Egg-Brother summon before and she had never been happier. She got to her feet and ran into the Marsh as fast as she could. without a weapon she stood no chance against the monstrosity.

She did not know how far she ran. Seeks ran til her legs refused to carry her further and she simply fell into the mud. The blood from her wound poured forth for a little while longer before it began to clot. When she could finally move again she was worried about what had happened to Slips. He was a Loremaster so he should be fine in the marsh, but if a necromancer was in the area using an undead Wamasu to harrass the farmers then her Egg-Brother needed her.
But which way was it back to her Egg-Brother....
~People are like the stars in the sky... There are some that are bright and some that are dim.~
~Seeks-The-Truths, Argonian Hunter~
  • Kitho_Mar
    Chapter 1

    Seeks-The-Truths followed the blood trail that she had left from her wound to her face through the marsh. While the rain did made it difficult, the combination of the blood trail and the broken reeds made for a trail a rabid Kagouti could follow. Her head was pounding and she knew from what little of restoration lore she’d been able to comprehend as a hatchling that she likely suffered a concussion.

    When she approached the site of the battle she kept her shield ready just in case the Wamasu was still in the area. What she found both filled her with hope and a wild desperation to find her egg-brother. The battlefield was littered with several craters from his fire staff as well as a tall monolith of ice in which Wamasu’s tail had been frozen solid in. Seeks picked her way through the battlefield looking for any clues that her egg-brother had made it out alive. The thing that filled her with wild desperation was that at the very edge of the field lay his staff snapped clean in half.

    Seeks picked up the remnants of the staff and examined them closely. The middle portion where the staff had broken was charred meaning it likely had been some sort of magical attack that had destroyed the staff. “Where are you brother?” Seeks said sadly.

    She began to scout the area around the battlefield looking for any other clues. She was soon surprised to find large number of booted footprints marching away from the battlefield as well as what looked like a wheeled wagon’s tracks. Seeks took this to meant that the necromancer had not been far from his undead beast. Most likely the only reason Seeks had made it out of the conflict alive was because she had run. If the necromancer had Slips-Through-Reeds than his chances of survival would only dwindle the longer she took to find him.


    Seeks crouched low as she approached the large boulder that stood atop a hill. She had followed the wagon trail northward for the last two days and had finally caught up with a troop of Dunmer slavers that seemed to be headed by the necromancer. The necromancer was busily mending the wounds to his precious as the she referred to the Wamasu. The other dark elves were marching about the camp doing whatever dark elves do.

    From her hiding spot near the top of the boulder Seeks could clearly see a cage at the center of filled with Argonian children and several adults. Her assumption had been right, these most definitely were slavers. A part of Seeks was not surprised to see the banner of house Telvanni clearly displayed upon their tabards. However there was no sign of Slips-Through-Reeds. Seeks had seen no tracks veering off to indicate that he had been taken to another location. She very well couldn’t leave her fellow Saxhleel to suffer at the hands of House Telvanni but at the same time the more she dawdled the further her Egg-Brother got from being rescued.

    She had to think carefully, and like a hunter she had to think purposefully. Ten Telvanni including the necromancer. One Wamasu that was still injured though since it was undead that hardly mattered. Seeks was also wounded, and unlike all the armored Elves she lacked a weapon.

    It was at this time that she remembered an old hunting ploy from her huntsmaster. “Wamasu feast on the living. If the prey dies before the Wamasu has worked up a hunger it will leave it uninterested.” Her huntsmaster had said in their survival training.

    “They will not get my gear however.” She said as she began to unbuckle the leather armor. When she had finished she laid her shield over the armor and slid it into a crack in the boulder formation. “Should be safe from any curious people there.” She thought before she climbed to the top of the rock and did the most foolhardy thing she felt she had ever done.

    “Hey Elven Kagouti humpers. You’re going to release my fellows and then I might let you live.” Seeks-The-Truths yelled from her high ground. The majority of the Telvanni just laughed seeing the half naked Argonian call them out. The Necromancer however simply said, “Fetch precious.”

    Like an arrow let loose from the bow the Wamasu surged forth and began scrambeling up the rock towards Seeks. Seeks wanting to drag this out no longer than necessary leapt off the rock, landed on the Wamasu’s snout and kicked off launching herself into the air. With a graceful front flip she landed beside the necromancer and seized his staff. Magicka surged from both of them as their minds wrestled with the staff’s domination of the Wamasu. Seeks knew she couldn’t beat the Necromancer, someone trained in conjuration, but she knew how to insult someone. Like in many a bar brawl she pulled her feathered head back and slammed it into the skull of the elf.

    The Dunmer necromancer crumpled like a sack of potatoes. She then wrestled the staff from the unconscious elf and snapped it over her knee. Instantly the Wamasu let out a silent scream before bursting into silver flames. When the dunmer surged around her she simply raised her hands into the air and dropped the staff sections. Surrender was not on her mind however.

    With a spin of her heavy tail she tripped several of the Dunmer before cartwheeling over their bodies and picking up a claymore as she did. While not untrained with the heavy weapon she was only a novice with it. “Who thinks they can bring down Seeks-The-Truths the best Argonian Huntress this side of Bal Foyen!” the Dark Elves still standing took the bait.
    In one might cleave she knocked four of them off their feet giving her a clear line of sight to the cage. With a hurling of strength she threw the claymore at the cage. As if it was guided by Meridia’s own hand the blade hit the lock and shattered it. “Run, warn the villages House Telvanni has broken the Pact!” Seeks yelled as the Argonians rushed out of the cage and into the marsh.

    Seeks was about to join them when suddenly her feet froze to the ground. “You’ll pay for that Lizard filth.” The necromancer said as the last of the would be slaves vanished amongst the reeds. Seeks grinned lightly seeing the crimson blood leaking down the Elf’s face from the head butt. A moment later everything went black as the Necromancer hurled a dome of magical sleep at her.


    When Seeks-The-Truths awoke she found herself in the hold of a ship, bound in chains and gaged with a leather strap. So far her plan was working, if her brother had been taking further on then she would be to and she had managed to free the slaves. So far everything was going to the Huntress plans.
    ~People are like the stars in the sky... There are some that are bright and some that are dim.~
    ~Seeks-The-Truths, Argonian Hunter~
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