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Magicka Nightblade

Greetings all, I'm new to ESO and I'm looking for help for a first character. My favorite character is skyrim was always an Altmer thief/assassin type who focused heavily on magicka abilities, and I kind of wanted to play a similar character in ESO. I know that ESO doesn't really play like skyrim, but a magical assassin/speedy mobile damage dealer with some control is still an archtype I find appealing. I'm pretty sure I want a Nightblade, I love all three trees, especially shadow and siphoning, but I could use some help choosing race/weapons and whatnot.

My first instinct was an Altmer focusing on destruction staves, but I'm worried that Altmers abilities focus too much on Sorcerers and would pigeonhole me not allowing me to change my build to much later. Khajiit is looking good to me as well, but I'm curious to see what you all think. What works, what doesn't what do you guys enjoy.

If it matters I've primarly PvE but I still want to be able to PvP, I have the Imperial edition(though I don't think their the right race for this type of character, but I could be wrong), but I don't currently have the explorer's pack.

Thinks in advance for your advice and insight.
  • RavenSworn

    Your sneaky mage / assassin by Deltia's Gaming. Its really good PvP play and the utilities for nightblade in particular is good for PvP.

    Hope this helps.
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