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[NEW GUILD] The Raven Blood Knights

Soul Shriven
We are a small Guild just starting out in the Daggerfall region and are looking for players to join our ranks in the Alliance War that's taking place at this very moment. We invite anyone to join us we do trails and dungeons, just ask anyone in the guild to help you in the co-op maps, and if your just looking for a guild just to hang out it’s the place for you.
We are currently about 12 people at the moment we have a Guild bank where we mostly store rare items for poeple to use and hopeing to grow to and above 50 to start trading.
We hope to do a joint operation in the Alliance War to take the Imperial city from the Deadra and the Ebonheart, Aldmeri Scum!
Please send me a message in the game my name is @ReaperVex or just leave your details on the Forum and I’ll get back to you
Daggerfall - Dragon Knight - Breton - Expert Tank - CP 300
First round Achiever for taking 1 000 000 damage in the Imperial sewer against Molag Bal
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