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mount questions?

Soul Shriven
I bought the imperial edition last year so i could get a cheap mount for my toons, but i cant seem to see it in the mount stables. did they get rid of it or move it? or am i missing something?

and are the mounts in the crown store faster? cause my high lvls mount cant keep up and gets blown out of the water.
is the nightmare mounts just cosmetic or does it have perks
  • Fleshreaper
    Press the "U" key for collections. Under there look for the mounts. Right click and set as active.

    All mounts are the same, based on you riding level and are only different, cosmetically. You still feed your mount from the stable, one of three types of food. It's easier to understand which foods do what now.
    Edited by Fleshreaper on April 23, 2015 6:17PM
  • Ourorboros
    is the nightmare mounts just cosmetic or does it have perks

    All mounts have the same perks now, zero. The different looks are just that, different looks. You improve speed, stamina and capacity for each character. You still go to the stable for this, where you pick one of the three attributes to train. It takes 180 days to fully upgrade. That's six months if you train daily.
    Edited by Ourorboros on April 23, 2015 6:22PM
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    Soul Shriven
    thanks peeps
  • Rynier
    This works the same for the pets if you want to deploy them. ANd for theme clothes from the crown store.

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