State of RP Misconceptions

Too many people seem to have misconceptions about what RP means.

RP is not necessarily (but could be valid) the following:
  • Having a tea party
  • Speaking with flowery words and emotes
  • Standing around and never actually playing the game
  • Obsessing over items and gear
  • Not participating in combat events

  • Is ROLE-playing
    We are all doing it, no matter how "bro" you wanna be about it
    You're playing a role-playing game. In real life, you are an office worker or something like that. Here you write the story of a different person in a different world, who may or may not have your basic character infused into them
    Can vary from just doing the built-in quests, or from talking in character during a tea party (using this as an example because it's commonly used as a make-fun)
    Simply means doing the things your character would do, at the time, based on the things happening around him/her
    Is not so difficult as people make it out to be
    Does not require some complex rule set or guide
    Is free flowing, organic, develops as you get into your character
    Comes best from when you are simply thinking in your character's shoes
    Can add to the in-game quests and combat, just by virtue of light talking while doing things and showing your character's thoughts about the world and surroundings
    Is not something you need to turn on or off, can be done at all times, but sometimes just like in life, your character might not have much to say
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