VR12 version 2.0+ Normal Dungeons Guides RAW walkthroughs

Hello, currently working on editing an abbreviated series for Dungeons, but here is a play list of some walkthroughs we've done for dungeons in normal mode. This contains the raw walk through, some from the point of view of a tank, healer, and DPS.

Thank you @yodased, @Shunravi, @JTorus, @JavaWho ( @javawhodat ), @Icisia, and others that helped me run through these dungeons. Apologies if I missed you because I wasn't sure of your forum names =\

Full Youtube Playlist

TIER 1 DUNGEONS (Level 10+)
TIER 2 DUNGEONS (Level 17+)
TIER 3 DUNGEONS (Level 24+)
TIER 4 DUNGEONS (Level 31+)
TIER 5 DUNGEONS (Level 38+)
TIER 6 DUNGEONS (Level 45+)
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