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English Lvl45+/Veteran Ebonheart Pact Guild : Le Flayed Wraiths

"Le Flayed Wraiths" is a new English language speaking guild that I, Vladiem, have created.
Our intentions are clear: to fight for what is to be ours whether it be PvE or PvP.

We will band together as kin and fight as a team, progress as a team. In PvE we will ravage the lands seeking to clear Tamriel of infestations, killing bosses, saving city folk, helping guild brothers and sisters level up, delving into the most treacherous deadly dungeons to fend off the most deadly enemies, and completing the most daring Undaunted quests to gain the most favorable rewards. Who knows what we may do, from time to time we may raid towns, slaying the civilians and taking their items for our own. We do what we want. ;)

In PvP we band together as brothers taking fortresses, claiming resources, invading villages, scouting, and slaying our enemies!! We'll slay them all, not as friends, as brothers, as a clan!

Le Flayed Wraiths however, is a limited guild, only open to those worthy of it's strength. Therefore, I have limited the guild to only 10 spaces (9 remaining). To be eligible you must meet the requirements: be an active player that plays regularly (doesn't have to be daily), be strong, be loyal, be brutal. You must prove that you can truly flay your enemies. You must also meet the level expectations: Lvl 45 onwards. I would prefer players that are not max level (Vr14) as we aim to help our kin level up, not instantly play end-game content. I myself am currently Vr 8. To enter you must first pass an initiation test, which will involve riding into battle with me in Cyrodiil in order to prove your strength.
You must also bath in a spring of water ....JOKING (thought i might make that a thing :blush: )
Non-veterans will gain a place on the waiting list and can learn more from me by adding me on ESO, my username is : ShiunTraze
*WARNING* I won't always be playing as I am preoccupied and have lots to do but will try to come on as often as i can.

In Le Flayed Wraiths we have three ranks:

- Herald of Death: This is me, the guildmaster
- Flayed Prince: My most loyal and trusted commander and friend
- Night Wraiths: The most savage beasts alive, vowing for blood and glory in the guild (8 places)

Just to mention, the Flayed Prince has got room for one Wraith. After all of the Night Wraiths have been assigned, I will eventually choose a Flayed Prince, this is will be my loyal and most trusted friend. To this person I am offering leadership over the Wraiths whilst I am gone and am offering a Ring of Mara (for me and you - lets marry :) ) , the Night Wraiths will receive a wedding invitation ;) . Only one person can become the Flayed Prince - you must earn it.

To apply, either add me (ShiunTraze), or make an application in this discussion below that must say: "I pledge my soul to Le Flayed Wraiths >:)" Post your opinions below please!!! :D

Remember, we are an independent clan. We are part of the Ebonheart Pact but we fight for ourselves, we are rebels, we are Wraiths.
There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
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