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Civilians needed DC RP/PVP

I am looking for three civilians to take on these exclusive roles as needed. They will accompany Serverus and his Knights, wherever they go, in all areas of Tamriel, including some dangerous areas of Cyrodiil. Note: Must be a Roleplayer, with a good enough back story to explain why you are in a rival part of Tamriel, if your race is not of the Daggerfall Covenant (*Example why a Dunmer or Khajiit is in Sentinel). Each position will be accommodated with in game gold, weekly or daily.

Positions needed:

Blacksmith- must be able to craft all levels of armor and melee weapons for the warrior classes; having a knowledge of woodworking is a plus and will be noted in the pay scale. This job also requires the usage of repair kits, siege repair kits and mason kits for keep and resource housing repairs. In fact a Blacksmith's primary duty is to have an eye for damaged keeps; and will report them promptly. (Note: wearing the Blacksmith's apron is not required, but will be encouraged so that you can look the part and it will help character immersion)

Pay rate is 150 gold a day with one filled soul gem for veteran Blacksmith's (and access to the guild bank)

Provisioner- must be able to cook all levels of food, prepare drinks and medicine up to V-14. (Knowledge of Alchemy will be noted in pay scale). If you are not able to provide food for vets, this is fine, you will still be accommodated based on your experience. Provisioners are not required to leave safe areas in Cyrodiil, thus if they want action and are in need of rare ingredients or meat, you will be accompanied as needed. It is our duty as Knights to assist in whatever is needed, so that the best food and medicine can be provided for our Daggerfall Covenant soldiers.

Pay scale will be 250 gold per day, for veteran Provisioners (and access to the guild bank)

Scouts: must have a great knowledge and understanding of Cyrodiil and how the war works. You will be responsible for tracking information on the happenings; who is Emperor, who is getting hit and ultimately who has the upper hand in this war. A Scout will scout ahead using colored smoke signals IC to indicate who is hitting what. If the Aldermi Dominion is hitting a keep or resource, the Scout will ignite a yellow smoke signal via guild chat. If the Ebonheart Pact is hitting an area, the Scout will ignite a red smoke signal; albeit if both factions are hitting us, the Scout will communicate both colored signals to indicate such. A Scout will also be responsible for recruiting Knights OOC. This duty will require traveling from Cyrodiil, to Stormhaven, Wayrest and Sentinel, searching for Roleplayers, recruiting qualified individuals. The Scout will have access to add recruits to the guild. (We will discuss IC qualification via message)

Pay scale is 2k gold a week for Scouts. *hire on bonus: Scout will get one camp from the original TESO patch! :D

Guild: Order of the Candle (website in process of being restored)
Cyrodiil Server: Chillrend
Contact: @ServerusEcru

*The goal or vision is once these three positions are filled, after a month of hire; you will be honored with the opportunity to hire underlings that will follow this same template. For each underling you take on, you will be payed an extra 200 gold per day or 1k per week depending on your trade.

Characters welcomed!
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