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PS4 Guild Recruitment - see inside

Hello All

I am posting this here currently as there is no PS4 section below yet.

I have played ESO since beta however I took a break in the middle. I was a member of a guild named Ginnunga during our time.

I have recently got into gaming on the PS4 (about 6 months) and have now applied to transfer my PC account over to the PS4 and I'm also keenly awaiting trying the beta like I guess so many more of you are.

I have gained quite a few new friends that I play various games with on PS4 namely from Desting, Evolve, Bloodborne, Borderlands etc and most are also going to be playing ESO.

We are keen to have a nice community where we can come together and quest, dungeon crawl, explore and also PvP when the bloodthirst calls.

We are looking for like minded people that are interested in coming over with us and may wish to chat on PS4 before launch, if so please add my handle as a friend and send me an invite any time you see me on. PS4 handle is 'dakepu'.

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