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Beauty Of Dawn [NA/DC/PvX] is recruiting!

Beauty of Dawn is a guild dedicated to their love for Tamriel as a whole. Lore dictates that Tamriel is also known as Dawn's Beauty in Aldmeris. We also have drawn inspiration from Malukah's song Beauty of Dawn made for Elder Scrolls Online. We're a friendly and fun community of players. We're mature & casual guild for PvE, PvP & RP, Trade and Crafting. Based in the Daggerfall Covenant on NA Megaserver, we accept & welcome all races & factions. Looking for members to help us grow & thrive. Come and join the fold!

Please Note: Although we are on the NA Megaserver, our guild leader is from the UK. There is no 'set' timezone for this guild, as we aim to become an International guild. But please be aware that our guild leader will only be available on UK (GMT) time. To join, either apply here on the website url=""][/url, or contact @Sharance in-game on the NA server.
Beauty of Dawn is recruiting. Please visit our website for more information [] or have a chat with the guild leader @Sharance! Hope to see you join us!

Please note: Azurhaea is @Sharance
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