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Official Discussion Thread for "Loremaster's Archive: Questions for the Moth Sister"

This is the official discussion thread for the web article, "Loremaster's Archive: Questions for the Moth Sister."

Moth Sister Terran Arminus has received your questions about Elders Scrolls and shares her knowledge with you in this latest edition of the Loremaster's Archive!
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  • LadyNerevar
    This was another great one. Is the questions-only format going to be the new thing going forward?
    Librarian at the Imperial Library
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Hey, my question got answered! :smiley: Though it appears the parchment got torn en-route--that should be Auridon not Aurido. :p Must find a different courier next time.

    “That said, Brother Euclidius' calculations were based upon a rather small statistical sample, so it would be premature to give them the imprimatur of proof. The good brother feels that with enough data—say, thirty or forty more years of warfare—he should be able to arrive at some fairly reliable conclusions. I cannot say that I hope the war will last long enough to give him this data. But perhaps I am selfish."

    So if we start now, by the time Tiber Septim shows up... :D

    Okay, anyone have any ideas how we could make these observations constantly without get executed as spies? Maybe the Mages' Guild could set some spells on them or assign some people to make the observations? They're a neutral third party, and Eyevea might be sufficiently remote that the aforementioned observations won't be destroyed by the war.
    Edited by WhiteCoatSyndrome on April 4, 2015 11:42AM
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  • hrdndv_ESO
    I would point out that the moth sister's description of the content of the elder scrolls is weak... The Elder Scrolls speak, and show many things that are or have been or might be. They do not prophecy as there are many alternate paths through time. They do not specify any one path. No one Elder Scroll shows all things. Thus events seen in an elder scroll may happen in this time or a different time but they always happen somewhere because they only show what exists in the past looking back from the future. When they were made, time was not fixed, but ebbed and flowed, this way and that, in and out, up and down. Mortals are not all ways at once but only see one way which may not be the way the Elder Scroll sees at all. It is when you ride the events in the elder scrolls looking all ways at once that madness sets in. Are times free or fixed? Looking back they seem fixed because you are only looking one way. If you look another way you will see a different past that seems just as real and just as fixed. Looking forward you see much the same thing. Look one way and you see one thing. Look another and you see a different thing. Look within and you may see only what you desire to see. And when you are blind, everywhere you look you see within.
    Edited by hrdndv_ESO on April 8, 2015 6:21AM
  • Alarra

    The UESP wiki, April 1, on the talk page for The Wolf Queen v4:
    Good morning, darling," said Potema, lifting her son in the air with feigned stain. "Talos, but you're heavy. I don't think I've ever carried such a heavy ten-year-old."
    I think that stain should be strain. Maybe a sic tag should be put here? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 18:46 on 1 April 2015
    Yeah, good catch. It's even in the Skyrim version of the book still. I've marked it. -- Hargrimm(T) 19:17, 1 April 2015 (GMT)

    And then this article, April 3:
    Sister Terran Arminus says, “D'arht-si, your handwriting is quite small, and hard for these cloudy eyes to see clearly. Perhaps if I hold it up to the taper just so: what's this? 'Stain of being a Moth Cultist'? Is membership in the Order now considered shameful? We have never received due respect, but this, this is too much!

    “Oh. Wait. 'STRAIN of being a Moth Cultist.' I must apologize, Daughter of Hammerfell. In fact, we are under a great deal of strain these days, and it can manifest in a certain irritability. I shall try to answer your question as best I can."
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