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Official Discussion Thread for "Battlemaster's Corner - The Thunderous Protector"

This is the official discussion thread for the web article, "Battlemaster's Corner - The Thunderous Protector."

Protect your friends and survive the deadliest assaults with this player-created Sorcerer build.

Want to submit your build for consideration in a future issue? Write up a description and send it to us at [email protected]
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Jason Leavey
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  • Marukeru
    This looks like it wold settle right into my play style in most MMO and RPG games.

    It's basically a self-reliant Paladin-ish style, by the way it reads. Boost your armor, block and taunt when needed. You carry an emergency heal, and it still offers up damage for solo content.
  • Sneak_Thief
    I was thinking of a build like this, a Tanky mage pairing shock aoe with a Heavy set like Thunderous. Normally I like Hist bark, but If you add a 5pc of the Heavy Thunderous set (which is great in 1.6), this would pair well, especially with investing in champion points for more shock damage.
  • Valrien
    I've always wanted to make a Sorcerer Tank. Looks much better than what I had planned! Thanks for choosing this one ZOS, you done did good.
    Valrien Dravic -- Level 50 Dunmeri Sorcerer (EP)
    Garahel Dravic -- Level 50 Bosmeri Nightblade (EP)
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  • Swen_von_Walhallion
    well this build look interest but i mising one imported think and its some morf of defnsive posture, which is most imporrtant skill from 1h/s for all tanks. Specialy if you have no way how fast replenish stamina. Whis is rly important after 1.6 where tanking multiple mobs drain your stamina super fast, and without stamna is no block and without block with many mobs on you, you will get lots and lots of CC. And spear from templar isnt always rdy at time which you need it most ...
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    Celestun Ira Dei- Imperial Tankplar
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    Misawa Yoshike - Breton Healplar
    Lae'ozhael - Dunmer Magplar
  • feandril2103
    Soul Shriven
    I'm looking to start a build like this, wondering how to get going from the lower levels, RE any specific areas to allocate points to first or just spread and build everything over time?
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