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The Arcane Light


If your new to the game, enjoy a casual game play, social atmosphere, and goals that you want to achieve, this guild might be for you. We will be playing on the NA megaserver. Currently focused in the Aldmeri Dominion with the intent of playing all factions.

About Us
The Arcane Light is an international, English-speaking guild focused on enjoying games. We don't have quotas and we don't force progression of any kind on you. We are dedicated to providing a mature, drama-free atmosphere and enforce this in our community. At the same time, we still want members to be themselves and be free to debate or share whatever they want to share as long as it doesn't blatantly offend anyone.

In addition to MMOs, we also connect with each other through console and other PC games. Our forums are also a great place to discuss things with a like-minded group of people.

We regularly use Mumble during dungeons and other attention-hogging activities as our preferred voice chat program. Your not required to have a mic (you can type if you prefer), just need speakers or headphones to listen.

How to Apply
In order to apply, you must adhere to these simple guidelines:

1. Members must be 18+ only
2. Must Read, Understand and Agree to The Community Charter
3. Submit an Application
4. All new recruits will go through a four week probation period

We are application-only so if you'd like to apply, please create an account on our forums and post an application thread here by following the guidelines stickied there.

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Visit our Website:
Any Questions Email Me: [email protected]
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