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Constructive Lag discussion

Unless you can provide a fix to the lag, please don't talk about it, it's not constructive as it's just focussing on the negative.
  • haileyjschmidtub17_ESO
    Rekt xD
  • LameoveR
    Lag is there.
    Nothing to discuss.

  • Phinix1
    Sure, sure, and let's constructively discuss entropy while we're at it. :p
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  • Betahkiin
    First we should distinguish between the lag in PvP and lag in PvE. The performance of one gaming environment should not impair the other.

    There are currently lag problems in both PvP and PvE. I am personally experiencing very high peak latencies when traveling by waysrhrines or after a loading screen. I was removed from public dungeons in the middle of the battle being eternally in loading screens having to leave the launcher and restart the game.

    Many of these situations happened just being me and no other player around. In PvP this inconvenience is justified because the number of simultaneous users and the number of activated abilities simultaneously.

    In PvE being (visually) alone in the map this should not happen. This indicates that something is not quite right.

    You can play on a PvE MMO without lag? Yes.

    You can play a large scale PvP in an MMO without lag? Yes.

    It all depends on the conditions under which such activities occur.

    There are 3 main factors:

    - Quality of service provided by ZOS.

    - Quality of service provided by the ISP.

    - Quality of our computer operating system.

    It is clear that ZOS can not take care to ensure quality in all 3 aspects. Also it is clear that as users, all you can manage is the quality of your operating system. The user / company relationship through which access TESO TU is given by 2 of the 3 involved.

    As in any equation, the result depends on the variables. In our case one of the variables is beyond the interests revolve around TESO TU and this leads to a situation in which hardly can ensure fault when talking about quality issues.

    One can speculate and draw conclusions (we all do) but these are far from being an irrefutable truth. One of many speculations is that ZOS is responsible. But what sense does it threaten the continuity of something that was created to make a profit?

    Another much speculation (which few dare to say) is that the fault may be the users ... There is evidence that poor connections on the user side can cause adverse effects on the servers in a MMO.

    And if this is the cause of the problem?

    All those calling for immediate action somewhat become walking on a tightrope, not realizing that maybe ZOS know and try to find a solution other than restricting the ability to play to many users.

    Perhaps many of those who complain aggressively are on the list of users who ZOS should not leave access the game to ensure stability and quality ...

    But like everything else, are just baseless speculation. Theories of what can be and how to fix it. I think the position to be taken in these situations should be more reflexive.

    Should be a number of fundamental questions.

    I like TESO TU?

    I sincerely hope that evolve favorably?

    I want to be part of this community in the future?

    I am prepared to expect the situation to change for giving constructive criticism?

    If the answers to all these questions is yes, then you should prove it by your actions within this community.

    If the answer is no, then surely you're not already playing or maliciously're enjoying your role in providing provocative topics that only generate discomfort and seek to spread a sense of chaos and uncertainty among those who do not yet have a firm stance on the matter.

    When you see someone kneeling on the floor has three options:

    Keep walking indifferently.

    Come and give a hand to help him up.

    Approaching and start kicking, preventing it from getting up and inciting others to do the same.
    Edited by Betahkiin on March 31, 2015 10:56PM
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