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need help finding crafting writs missions

for enchantment. I found the blacksmith cloathing woodworker ecxt but cant seem to find where to get the enchantment crafting writs missions
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Your looking for the Consumbles Writs board. It is usually near the Enchanter/Alchemist in town. Some towns it is right outside the Mages guild (in the towns where the Enchanter/Alchemist is in the Mages Guild only).

    Just to make sure, have you done the Certification for the Enchanter or other consumable writs? If not, you won't get the quest marker for those.
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  • Jofish
    yup, you've got to go to the mages guild guy and get accredited...
    once done there should be a quest marker somewhere nearby pointing to the writ board
    Edited by Jofish on April 1, 2015 7:18AM
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