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"With Courage, Nothing is Impossible" - The rebuilding of an empire

My name is Talwyn Aureliano. In my previous existence I was a junior Centurion in the Imperial Army of Cyrodill.
My family were of modest stock, always serving in the Empire’s Legions faithfully yet that wasn’t enough to save us from the machinations and schemes of those who seek to enslave us all in an eternal nightmare.
My memory is hazy of my last night that I was set upon by thugs and hauled up on bogus trumped up charges, only to be dragged off to some foetid dank reeking pit which echoed with the screams and wails of those poor wretches who had fallen foul of the Tharn family and their lick-arse toadies.
I never knew who it was that sentenced me to be gutted like a butchered pig on that gore splattered altar but I swore with every fibre of my being that I was have my revenge on them all even if I have to claw my way out of the very depths of Oblivion itself.
It seems that some greater power heard somehow my vow and thus I became the instrument of Divine Retribution that Tamriel sorely needs.
Since returning to Nirn I have travelled widely and have seen the chaos and destruction that the former Emperor has brought down upon us all.
I have also witnessed the depravity and corruption seep into the once proud and noble legions of the empire and have watched the 3 factions wage war across the heart of the empire.
It sickens me.
I have now dedicated myself to restoring the empire and ending this pointless war between the 3 factions. I know the task is monumental, perhaps even impossible but my father always said this in the old Imperial tongue:
“Per Virtus , Nusquam est Impossible”. I say these words to myself everyday to harden my resolve and strengthen my purpose.
So begins my journey. Only someone of Imperial stock can reforge and reunite the empire and stop the endless and pointless bloodshed. I have witnessed on many occasions that if any one faction gain the upper hand then the other two will always unite to topple the ascendant faction. Thus it must be an Imperial who is the one to unite and rule us all and if necessary, I will do it.

Jhaelystra sat on the edge of her bed and watched as her lover got dressed. She sighed quietly to herself as he finished strapping the greaves and braces, encasing his body in gleaming blue and gold metal with a blazing red diamond at the heart of his chest plate. His Imperial armour bore the scars and dents of countless battles yet it always shone with a lustre that never failed to move her. He looked resplendent in it and she knew he knew it.
“You’re going back there aren’t you?” she said with resignation.
The man turned and regarded the beautiful Dunmer woman for a moment, kindness and affection for her shone in his eyes but she could also see the resolution and determination that lay deep with him.
“Yes my dearest, I am going back. You know why,” he said returning to tightening the straps and fixings on his pauldrons.
“I know but I don’t have to like it. Why can’t I go with you this time?” she pouted and folding her arms and turned away moodily.
“I need you here to make sure things do not fall apart with the Pact while I’m away in Cyrodiil. Sweet lady, we have been through this dance many times before and while I would dearly love you to be by my side however we both know that there are always forces ready to shatter the pact and they are always waiting for the next opportunity to strike. If we are both away and they do, we would have won the heart of empire but lost our home.” She set her jaw and looked out the window over the city of Mournhold. The sounds of the city rose up and resonated into their room.
He stood there looking at her knowing that logic and reason were never going to sway her fiery tempestuous heart. He shrugged and crossed the room to where his sword and shield hung on the wall. After strapping the sword to his waist and slinging the shield on his back he turned to find Jhaelystra standing there hold his helm in her hands. He gently placed his hands over hers and lent forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips. She kissed her Imperial lover tenderly, holding back her overwhelming desire to drag him back to their bed to the warmth and happiness that they always found there in the world made just for two. Breaking the kiss she gazed back with him with a coy sultry impish smile.
“I know you will return to me my Imperial, you cannot resist me. As the old saying goes “Once you love a dark elf, you will always lose yourself” and your lost heart belongs to me now. So go fight your battles and win glory for the pact.”
He said nothing but returned her grin and gave you a cheeky wink as he took his helm from here and placed it on his head.
No more words need to be said between them. The held each others hands briefly, tightly, then let go. He turned and strode out of the room while she flopped back into the bed with a loud sigh, burrowing herself deep into the covers trying to find the last of the warmth that was theirs.

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