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Still waiting.....
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  • Voidmist
    Soul Shriven
    I agree. It is annoying when you have a nice dye layout and the color scheme of the shield clashes. If anything, it should match with the Chest piece if they do not want it to be separate, or maybe we can dye are weapons (Dye Set 1 and Dye Set 2).
  • uso245
    Usually the weapon is a bit small for an effective dye scheme to really make a difference, however I agree wholeheartedly that shields need dyes considering I got my last class to Veteran Rank 1 and I was making a shield and the armor had a nice blue and gold scheme for default color however the shield was a dark brownish color which completely threw me off causing me to dye my armor a black/gold scheme.
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  • Athas24
    Shields are huge and they are easily able to be dyed or painted IRL so I don't see why they couldn't be in game. I could care less about my blades and staves but the shields are HUGE. I'd also love to have the option to throw guild insignia and/or colors on them :)
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  • ArRashid
    Yes yes yes.
    And while they're at it, they could add some sort of transmogrification, so we're not forced to hide our horrible armors with disguises because we can't effectively use lower tier looks, or have a way to change the looks of shield and weapons.
  • Orchish
    Yep, still waiting ZoS. Still carrying shields that look nothing like my armours colour scheme.

    Most of everything is already in place, just open up a shield slot and allow us to dye our shields please. :)
  • Skookum
    Yes please! I would really like this to be available
    * [ The Obsidian Shield ] *

  • Arundo
    Would love this, and they said in the last eso live thingy that they are considering this so fingers crossed.
  • Ritzey01
    Yes please!! would love this.
  • Jaxsun
  • Victus
    They should not consider this, it should absolutely be on the table.

    However, I can understand the difficulty implementing it, as shields are equipped in a weapon slot, so it could be problematic.
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  • Djeriko
    Slots don't matter. It is called armor dye and shields are armor. Until shields are dyed, they haven't completely delivered on their word of armor dyes. Easy to do, just make 2 more boxes each labeled 1 and 2. This way if you have a shield on in each bar then both will be seen individually. Or if you only have one shield, it will obviously be inside a box labeled with a number matching which bar it's on. Not hard to do at all. They just keep putting it off.
    "When in doubt, kill it with fire."
  • alshami.h13rwb17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    True, shields are armor, since they are enchanted with armor glyphs not weapon glyphs. So, even though the shields are placed in the offhand slot, we should be able to dye them. ZoS, please provide us with this.
  • Robbmrp
    WHEN/IF they add Shield Dye's they should also add in patterns. So you can create a unique shield with lines, splatters and symbols. How cool would the shields look if you could select a blood splatter pattern for them to make it look like you just got out of a massive bloody fight. For that matter, it would be neat if we could add those blood splatters to all of our armor as well.
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  • WhitePawPrints
    Hate it when the clown colors of the normal gear clash with my badass colors. This needs to happen. Weapons, not too necessary but shields are practically always painted (in blood!) so it makes no sense that we cannot change that color.
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  • Cogo
    ZoS replied that shields and weapon color change would add lag problems. The software dont work the same in weapons (shield) and other armor.

    ZoS also said in june 2014 that they want to do this and looking for a solution.

    So...Zos? Any progress?
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  • Arcanasx
    Would be nice to dye our weapons as well, like why not? We already have them come in green and purple, and with no way to change that when your armor is a different color is quite annoying. Either that, or make all weapons look like its actually made of steel; grayish.
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