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My ESO characters

So, I'm gonna post some character sheets of my ESO characters. I've tried to make each of them original in some way. Enjoy!

Name: J'ram-Zaw Lafsar
Age: 37
Race: Argonian werewolf
Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
Weapon/s: Greatsword, bow
Armour: Full heavy
Appearance: 179f54b7ac2b552ff059e9ec4707b51d_500.jpg?t=55186b17e7233
Personality: J'ram-Zaw is a rather aggressive warrior. He's a loyal member of the Ebonheart Pact and fights without mercy or remorse. He doesn't believe in second chances and has a rather short temper. Despite being a ruthless warrior, his brother has brought out a much more merciful side of J'ram-Zaw. Under certain circumstances, he'll give second chances and allow people to live.
Backstory: J'ram-Zaw was born in Black Marsh but, as was customary, was sent to Morrowind at a young age to work in the Kwama Mines for the Dunmer. This work made J'ram-Zaw into a strong Argonian and his hatred for the dark elves only grew in time, fuelling the anger inside him. When he was just about ready to spit in the face of his taskmasters and take the beating, Mannimarco came along and bought both him and his brother from their Dunmer masters. For a minute, they both thought they were free, however the shackles clamped on their necks snuffed out the small ember of hope that had begun in their hearts. While in Coldharbour, they both went through torture for nearly a decade before Er-Jaseen freed them and they returned to Tamriel. On the way out, J'ram-Zaw picked up a greatsword from the forge they'd slaved at for the last few years and it felt right in his hands, like an extension of his arm. He continues to use the greatsword to this day, where he uses it against Covenant and Dominion forces in Cyrodiil. He's advanced to the rank of sergeant and although he's been offered promotions, he stays with his current rank. Although he spends plenty of time in Cyrodiil, he also has time to visit his brother in Black Marsh and catch up with friends.
Other: Although he still has a hatred for Dunmer, he manages to channel that anger towards their enemies and tries to be civilised when around his grey-skinned allies.

Name: Geel-Ei Lafsar
Age: 42
Race: Argonian vampire
Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
Weapon/s: Sword & axe, bow
Armour: Full heavy
Appearance: 2b9e3485f478f1b22ae06d677ffcc499_500.jpg?t=55186d4b23a11
Personality: Geel-Ei is the opposite of his brother in many aspects. He's a very merciful, honourable and forgiving Argonian who tries to find the best of bad situations. He's a very laid-back person, however is rather stubborn and tends to speak his mind at the wrong times, which is what got him the hardest beatings on the Dunmer plantation he was forced to work at. Between the Dunmer slavery and the Coldharbour torture, Geel-Ei lost sight in his left eye and a couple of his horns were cut short, as well as losing several scales on his back and on his face. However, these wounds were soon healed when he escaped Coldharbour. He and his brother were having a catch-up talk in the Windhelm cemetery when an assassin ambushed them. It was only J'ram-Zaw's lycanthropic hearing that saved Geel-Ei when he pushed him away. Even so, Geel-Ei still managed to get a scratch between the shin and thigh plates of his armour. As fate would have it, the assassin turned out to be a vampire and had infected Geel-Ei. The Argonian seeked out a "priest of Arkay" to cleanse him of the Vampirism. Unfortunately, Geel-Ei was tricked; the priest was, in fact, a vampire herself and although she claimed she could turn Geel-Ei back, she instead tricked him into becoming a full-blooded vampire. At first, the Vampirism didn't do much to Geel-Ei except make him faster and stronger, as well as granting him perfect sigh again and regrowing his missing scales. However, he soon realised that the vampirism made him far angrier and aggressive now. Although he manages to keep his rage in check most of the time, certain circumstances cause him to lose control and slaughter everything in sight.
Other: After conquering Molag Bal. Geel-Ei has settled down in southern Black Marsh, gotten married and become a mercenary, so to speak. He protects caravans who move north until the border to Morrowind and also hunts Wamasu to sell their hides and meat.

Name: Skeedul Pehoseeus
Age: 27
Race: Argonian vampire
Alliance: Whichever pays him more
Weapon/s: Dual daggers
Armour: Full medium with light head
Appearance: 84f5d5d289dfbbda5d32d83b7c5b7077_500.png?t=55186fe5ac48f
Personality: Skeedul is a mostly quiet assassin. He's at home in the shadows and the only thing he knows is his life as an assassin. he has a strong hatred for the Shadowscales, Dark Brotherhood and the Morag Tong, claiming they're children who need to hold each other's hands when they go into the darkness. When he takes a contract, he doesn't stop until he kills his mark and always either frames someone else or makes it looks like an accident, which is what he excels at. He doesn't stop until there's absolutely no hints that the assassination was an assassination performed by him. Because of this, he's nearly impossible to track down and always demands the highest prices for a kill.
Backstory: Skeedul managed to escape the slavery to the Dunmer by accidentally killing the dark elf who came for him. Young Skeedul ran away when he realised what he'd done and after several years, he accepted the fact that he was a murderer and decided to pursue that career. In order to become the perfect, silent killer, he sought out vampirism where he could and eventually, managed to contract the disease. After becoming a full vampire, he went back to Black Marsh and joined the Shadowscales, urging them to teach him how to be an effective killer. They agreed and he trained with the Shadowscales for four years, learning their trade and perfecting his craft. The only thing he hated was the fact that someone was always with him, watching him and making him feel paranoid. He brought his up to the leader of the Shadowscales and, a rather heated argument later, he was banished from their order. Instead of feeling upset or angry, Skeedul simply felt relieved. For a year later, Shadowscale assassins came after Skeedul, seeking to eliminate a thread holding vital information. Every time, the Shadowscales found a different Argonian body part on the roads. After a year, the assassins stopped coming and the body parts stopped appearing. When the Akaviri attacked, Skeedul was hired by Jorunn the Skald-King, albeit as a last resort, and he worked with the Pact to help send the Akaviri back across the sea. Jorunn kept Skeedul hired for a time, until High King Emeric found out about the assassin hired by the Pact. So, Emeric hired him and eventually, so did Queen Ayrenn. Skeedul kills any enemy army officers who command forces in the lands he's been hired by and doesn't care who he fights for or against. He doesn't try to make friends and he doesn't care about love.
Other: Although Skeedul is a rather selfish Argonian, he does know when he has to do something without getting paid.

These are all the characters I can be bothered listing right now haha. I've got 3 more, who I might detail later on. CONSTRUCTIVE is welcome.
Blood for the Pact!
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