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Leveling and quests...

So, I am playing in the Ebonheart. I did all the quests in Bleakrock and I've been plugging away in Stonefalls. But I'm at an odd impasse. I can't find enough quests to get me to level 11/12/13 (I'm 10) in order to do the quests I find. Any experienced players that can throw me some help on how to progress? It's a little frustrating. Although I'd guess I missed some quests somewhere.

I did Viraks, Davons, and the Hold. I can't do Kragen yet.
  • Glierhuin
    Continue questing in the north-west area of Stonefalls. The area is not so much straight-forward as one might think
    I have approximate knowledge of many things.
  • fromtesonlineb16_ESO
    @MethTheMadman my experience is that I get out of Blackrock at 6 or 7 and Bal Foyen at 8, then potter around Davon's Watch and get the Prophet's calls to the first Main Story quest. By the time I'm back the first quests in Davon's are likely grey but do them anyway as they often form a chain.

    I think it likely you need to go exploring a bit, working your way west to Ebonheart then onwards, the zone story arc takes leads you generally but there are lots of quests to be found here and there.

    One tip: look at the zone map.

    As you progress you'll uncover areas of interest (there's no 'fog of war' as such but there are icons for places such as dungeons/delves, towns, etc.) whose icon will be black until you've completed the quests for it. If you see any that are black then you will most likely find the starter quest on an NPC or item somewhere in the surrounding area.
  • Thaizo
    Soul Shriven
    Also, sometimes you might notice an island, or mountainous area off the beaten path that doesn't look like it has any map icons (such as for a delve or whatnot), but more often than not when I have trekked it to those areas I have come across an NPC (or two) that will give you a quest for that small region. So don't be afraid to go exploring even where there aren't any icons because sometimes there will be a small quest chain in between points of interest on the map.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Get the Addon Destinations, it will show you all the quest hubs you have missed. Note, it spoils the map for you, so you may want to turn it off until you think you have done most of the zone.
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  • MissBizz
    Community Ambassador
    Dulfy Quest Guide

    Both of these sites have quest guides that you can read over if you can't find quests, or don't want to wreck the map by using an add-on such as destinations. Although, getting the addon and turning the map markers off until you get stuck is quite helpful :)
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