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Farming for deconstructables

Alright, so I am playing on a character I do not wish to level really, just get to 40 in my armor crafting to make daedric for my lowbies on another faction.

She is currently level 44, and farming at Bangkorai Garrison on Imperials during one of the siege missions. I am honestly leveling up a lot quicker than I expected and the loot is fairly plentiful as well. Though I am maybe getting a level in crafting per hour to and hour and a half depending on how long it takes to get mats.

My clothing is level 29, blacksmithing is 25 and woodworking is 26.

As I get a higher level are there any places better than this place I am at now? Also if there are any easier methods without having to spend oodles of money or finding a partner since I've found that difficult I wouldn't mind knowing ha.

And thirdly as I level, and I am pretty sure I will be 50 before I reach 40 crafting, is it better to farm in the VR areas or stay around the 45+ area?

Mind you, this isn't a character I want to progress through cold harbor or any of those places that I have yet to experience if I can help it. I want to save those for my new characters.

Daggerfall is my land.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Just so you know you have to be L50 in your character level and have a material level of 9 to learn Daedric. In at least one craft.

    As for loot, my favorite spot is the Vile Lab in Coldharbor, the zombies are squishy, respawn with speed, and there are so many that you can pull 3 or 30 easy peasy. I get all types of things to decon, including glyphs. L44 is perfect for going up there. If you want some guidance on how to run the pattern, I have a DC Dragon Knight that I just respecced and I need to practice some things. I will be on tonight and can help you. You can do the area solo, once you know the pattern.

    Now, I have noticed that Druegh tend to drop more Heavy Armor and Metal weapons than any other mobs do. Trick is to find them at or near your level. Your probably over leveled for Drueghside.

    Public Dungeons are always a good place to get loot. You won't get as much mob exp, but it does not sound like you want that.

    Other than that, google ESO 1-50 Leveling and you will get maps of grind spots where the mobs respawn fast enough to make this worthwhile.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

  • Bogezzus
    Alright thanks! I'll try Coldharbor, even though I don't really want to experience that area yet I guess if it speeds up my crafting it'll be well worth it!

    Well I do want experience since as you stated it takes a level 50, and I imagine I'll be 50 before I even get close to level 40 crafting. Quick question, as far as the zombies go, do they drop a good bit of leather/cloth items? Considering that's my highest, I'm going to want to items to level that up.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Nice thing about the zombie road (my name for the Vile Lab) is you can get to Coldharbor, go out the East Gate, turn South and be there in two shakes of a Clanfear's Tail and not touch any other content or quests. Even the quest items in that area don't spawn until you have that quest. Just don't talk to the guy on the bridge (the floating light leads you to him)

    The zombies drop everything. So it will be a mix.

    And, run the pattern right and you can practically see the skill points spinning up. Like a character level in 30 to 40 minutes, skills in 10 to 20 minutes per rank, depending on how you do things. I like to pull 30 zombies at a time, so it really cranks up fast for me.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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