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lf non-largescale PvP guild // DC

Sup folks,

I'm actually looking for a PvP guild ... but

you see, I'm used different standards from DAoC. I'm not really fond of raiding and zerging. Instead I'm looking for a guild which aims to run with up to 8/12 players. I really prefer to have a clearly arranged and coordinated of a few set players which form a personal/familiar set playerpool. Raiding a keep or a tower, doing some Cyrodiil content might be fun from times to times but I'm really looking into group PvP along with defined roles for roaming, defending or whatsoever. Minimum age must be 18+ or 21+.

My RvR experience started with DAoC where I hit my kinda golden PvP ages with hardcore guild with a set playerpool. I kept playing DAoC on the freeshard Uthgard until it was closed either along with that guild; if interested - there are surely some PvP videos on youtube. I was looking into several other trivial MMORPGs as WoW and GW2 where I was starting with a small roaming smallgroup too until most players left the game.
For TESO ... I came back along with b2p after a huge break. Actually I'm playing a VR14 DK with a DD/Support build on Haderus though I'm willing to adjust it to the needs of the guild. I spent most of my time in AvA although I'd look into PvE from time to time with a familiar guild for the sake of variety. Though I'm usually up to most absurd ideas either if they don't become routine. Compared to my times in DAoC I'm not a pure hardcore player anymore since RL keeps me busy sometimes whereas I'm usually online everyday. Let's call it "semi-hardcore" then since I still engage PvP as serious as back then.

Btw, I'm also up to setgroups with a set time.

However ... available ingame under @aylw or on forums.

PS: I can speak german and english really well ... so I'm open up to an international or german guild. Teamspeak/voice-chat is self-evident.
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