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Loading loading loading

Whenever I start the game, there is long loading time both to get the character select and to enter the game. Whenever I am zoning there are long loading times.

Inside the game I have no lag at all, but fps no higher than 25. Occasionally I get latency, but its quite random. No matter if I am using the lowest graphic setting or the ultra setting, the loading stays the same, the fps stays the same, still no lagging.

The loading can also start suddenly, like in a mine in middle of battle, or in middle of town, and sometimes this never stops. (Have to reboot game)

About 2-3 times per day my graphic also freezes and the game stops reponding. Never get an error message, nor a choice to report it.

I am sitting on a 100/100 fiber connection so unless there is packageloss on the way to your servers, the connection should not be a problem.

I also have the latest drivers for my graphic card and pass the minimum requirements easily.

I am using windows 7 and have disabled the program solution finder, AUC, configured Firewall and AV.

Since I can play the game, my issue is rather an annoyance than vital.

Also, many people I have spoken with have the very same problem with loading areas and so on.

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