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Guild Anniversary

'the NeXus' Guild 1st year Anniversary

Celebrating one full year since the founding of guilds in ESO. We hope all guilds and guild members playing since launch of ESO will drop by to say hi to each other and encouraged new players to start guilds of their own. It is not about numbers but friends and adventurers who enjoy hanging and exploring Tamerial together!

When: All day Monday, March 30th

Where: North American megaserver, Town of Daggerfall at the fire pit next to Barjot Benoit's stall in the Daggerfall Marketplace.

Contact: @randolphbenoit or @patrickrobia
the NeXus Guild (NA-DC-Crafters) contact @randolphbenoit - Currently Allies to Fairy Tail of Tamriel (Social) and Brave Kore (DC PvP).

Saltrice - (Salt tolerant rice) Saltrice, pronounced just like it looks is, in fact, a kind of rice that can grow in paddies of either fresh or brackish water.
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