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[UK/GER]Regiment of the Guards|Teamspeak:|Steam Group| PvP/PvE

Hi folks,

We are looking for more persons to join our foray, generally speaking our group has been gaming etc since 2005, we are an older group mainly 25+.

We have a Teamspeak server:
We have steam:
Alliance: Aldemeri Dominion

We hail mainly from the UK(Scotland TOO!), Ireland and Germany, so you will find we speak 2 sets of language, we don't aim to get massive just have a select few active members and have fun.

You can contact me via @RGGDale in game or you can contact me via steam, feel free to jump on our TS and "scout" us prior, we don't mind persons who don't use TS also so don't be put off by our TS.

We have no level preference and our mentality is help don't hinder, we group craft so we can get the better gear etc, the guild bank is controlled by a German so you could say its water tight haha :blush:

We play every evening, so we aren't going to stop any time soon, and we play both PvP and PvE (whichever takes our fancy).

So if you are interested please do come over, have some fun and meet like minded people.

See you soon :)
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