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My Elderscrolls Online Fan Art

Some novice ESO fan art that I did mostly in 2013/2014. I've been so busy with other projects, and playing The Elderscrolls Online, that I almost forgot about this stuff! I will certainly be doing more ES related art in the future as part of my artistic learning experience, and I'll add it here. I appreciate all comments; criticism, tips, or otherwise. Enjoy!

“Balanced Warrior” – Another Imperial Templar

“Violet Toxin” – A female Dark Elf painted for another player.

“Walking Apocalypse” – An Orc Dragonknight painted for another player.

“Mara’s Touch” – An Imperial Templar

“Astromancer” – A Dark Elf Sorcerer

“Burning Sands” – A Redguard Dragonknight

“Unlikely Allies” – The Ebonheart Pact

A sketch I did while working on ideas for Unlikely Allies
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Mercs of Sovngarde

Blood Guard

  • ZOS_JasonLeavey
    These are terrific, @Jahoel! We'll be sure to share some in a future ESO Live or issue of The Tamriel Chronicle.
    Jason Leavey
    Community Coordinator - The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
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  • Dekkameron
    The Templar style reminds me more of "The game that shall not be mentioned" more than Elder Scrolls.

    Although i think that is more due to your personal artistic choice as i can recognise the armour and such.

    Good stuff though :)
    - Veteran Combat Librarian -
  • Ravage_0
    Soul Shriven
    Awesome art dude, make sure to post up some new stuff when you get to it!
    I am your end, your silencer.
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