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Are Major, Greater, and Grand Enchantments Supposed to Have Identical Values?

At the Enchantment crafting station I set up stamina armor enchantments in the Major (VR1-3), Greater (VR3-5), and Grand (VR5-7) levels. All reported the same value: 567 with a Kuta aspect rune.

Are these not meant to increase in value with level?

Not sure if the bug is in the station UI or not. I was not about to burn Kutas to find out.

I filed a bug report but I need an answer.

Many thanks :)

Best Answers

  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    You should get increasing values.

    You can burn some Ta's and apply them to your character to see if there are any differences when applied to your character. You would only need to make two of them to see.

    BTW, try Rekuta's on your Glyphs, you will find not that much of a difference for an Aspect Stone that you are more likely to get from Hirelings and Survey's.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • bellanca6561n
    Thanks, Nestor, I'll try it.

    Something's broken, though, because even Supreme glyphs have that same value. I also tried using a different enchantment crafting station. Same odd thing.

    As for the aspect rune, been playing since early access and have lots and lots of Kutas, many more than I have Rekutas. Yes, there's not much difference but I figure if if they're handy, might as well get the marginal difference.

    Some glyphs, such as potion cooldown jewelry enchantments, have but one value. No choice of aspect runes can raise it.
  • bellanca6561n
    Sorry, I meant to click on Yes, it answered the question.

    It was a rhetorical question, though. I was wondering why this was happening and whether it was a known issue.
  • bellanca6561n
    Sorry, I keep clicking yes that, indeed, this question has been answered. Yes, many of our fellow, female, feline, and other players have indeed verified that the values of these armor stat glyphs do not change with level in the VRs until you reach Monumental.

    And no official answer is an answer. I accept that as message received. It's not an ideal answer but I am familiar with certain realities. This is one of them.
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