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The 1st Regiment of Skyrim: Tales of a Nordic Regiment

Nords have always been strong fighter, especially when drunk, but Nordic regiments are something of a uncommon occurence in Cyrodiil. The 1st Regiment of Skyrim was the Nordic's first attempt at trying to change that unbalance. Their leader and founder, Rodic, originally served under the Dark Elves, but growing tired of defending against petty threats, he and a group of 29 other Nords formed with the goal being to show the Pact that not all Nords have to be drunk to be strong fighters.

Rodic didn't just pick his 29 comrades blindly. He had gone to Cyrodiil and advertised on the task board's that he was forming a new Nord-only regiment and that "all interested Nords, male or female, should meet at the South Gate on the last day of Last Seed." On the day of the training session, he got a hundred Nords, all ready to fight. After a long 3 days of training, he picked the 29 Nords who will become the 1st Regiment of Skyrim.

However, he had just picked his regiment when a messenger arrived and asked for his regiment to return to the Gate immediately. Quickly returning, one of the Generals called the regiment over.

"Hello, I see you were quick to respond. I have need of one person of your regiment."

Rodic gave him a blank look. "For what?"

"I want to test this newfound regiment. I need a scout to investigate one of the keeps over in Daggerfall territory. It's been awhile since we've heard of news from the keeps in that area, however, I'm shorthanded when it comes to scouts."

"I'll send Hadlar. He knows how to defend himself." Rodic said.

"Very well. Hadlar, get moving. The rest of you, dismissed."

Hadlar left the gate, who was certain he will return alive even though death was almost certainty in Cyrodiil. Rodic and his regiment made camp outside the gate.

To be continued...
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