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Where all the Werewolves at? (NA)

I know a couple months back Facebook promoted a Werewolf community among the Ebonheart Pact. So I'm curious if anybody has some popular guild names for the US to throw at me here. :)
  • PoisonedPaint
    Ive been searching for a general WW centered RP guild for a while. I was recommended to the Vigil guild under the community umbrella of the Children of Skyrim. Currently Im not sure if my character will stay a WW for much longer due to peer pressure saying she cannot control it and pressure on other obligations she had prior to her turning. :3 However if you'd like to interact at some point with another WW RPer outside a guild, feel free to get a hold of me IG! Im @Shindoku90, feel free to add as well, @Clutch!
    @PoisonedPaint - RPers, feel free to add! I'm on NA, EST Zone. Has odd playtimes.

    Main Character: Bjorn the Half-Blood - Half Imperial/Nord. Carrd RP Profile Link
  • GreenTea

    If your looking for a WW community in Morrowind, Telvanni Contracts already has several in our ranks. (a Nord, Khajiit, and a Dunmer) as well as several outside of our guild that visit our headquarters Heimlyn Keep, which because it is Telvanni lands allows for both WW and Vampires to be open about their curses/blessings without the fear of being arrested or attacked. Poke me in game @Greeentea or one of our recruiters as well as one of our local WW's I mentioned earlier, @Salyyn.

    I'm not sure about which guilds in Skryim are WW friendly off the top of my head, but we have quite a few connections there and I can certainly ask around for you if that's where you'd rather RP. ^^

    Good luck finding a guild home!
    Watch me derp around playing ESO
    In-game info: @Greeentea (with Three E's)
    Main: Ki'tea
    Morrowind Roleplayer since launch!
  • Clutch
    Yeah, I just remember there was a guild featured on Facebook of an all-WW focused clan that originates from EP. Wondered if they were still around and if so, active on the forums or not. This phasing stuff always made RP events hard to organize and you just don't see random open RP while exploring like you can in other MMOs =/
  • Dracanice
    Soul Shriven
    We of the Deepest Darkness are a WW friendly guild. (we better be anyway since Im both guild leader and a WW. lol) We are an Ebonheart Pact alliance and are activly looking to recruit more WW or vamps into our ranks. If you wish to remain outside of our little community of Night Stalkers but still be Embraced either I, a member of my guild, or our completly WW/vamp centric allies in the Servants of the Night guild would be more then happy for the free mea... to embrace you.

    OK now the non-RP bit here... lol
    You can contact me IG with @Dracanice or my second in command @Kitho-Mar and we will make arrangements to let u join our guild or introduce u to SotN members. it is not necessary to be a WW or Vamp to join our guilds.
  • ForestGuard
    Bramblescar Clan has a hidden pack of werewolves in it. We're NA-AD, primarily wood elves, wood orcs, Gray Mire argonians and khajiit. We would take human races though, depending on the character. Altmer and dunmer are the only ones that really don't fit with the culture.
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