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So I had an idea for the game's lore...

I sent in a ticket about it and it was recommended that I post it on the forms

This game is fairly buggy and It has defiantly improved since launch but seeing objects be missing or having Ui errors or just general thing that seem wrong or out of place can take away from the role playing experience. So I thought that an easy way to remedy this is to have some source in the game or even simply have the lore masters or devs come up with a reason for it such as: "The amount of turmoil in this time is causing reality itself on tamriel to shift"

I was told that the devs care greatly over what the players think and to ask the community about it on the forms. So I'm wondering wondering what others thought of this idea or if anyone else has their own explanation they would like to share


ps. is this the right catagory to put this under?


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