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The Tales of Elendil Olorin (Prologue)

Throughout the Era’s there has been a character who has weaved his way through history, he appears in very few books, and in the journals of significant people. People have always conveyed rumors of the myth of this person, some claimed to have seen him face to face. In the Third and Fourth Era he held several titles; the Nords of Skyrim called him ”The Dragon’s Hermit.” The common travelers and traders of the road called him, ”The Wandering Monk.” Several Priests and priestesses referred to him as, ”The Divines Pilgrim,” or ”The Pilgrim.” Some Mages recorded him as ”The Hand of Akatosh.” A scholar once wrote about him, calling him ”Stendarr Incarnate.”

Though through speculation and history, all the minds that worked together to put this myth into reality can agree the man who lives through the ages is a High elf named Elendil. Some monks believed he was blessed by Akatosh to live forever throughout time, an Alchemist who specialized in origins of potions explanation was deemed more logical in the minds of the un-spiritual.

”Back at the end of the first era, in the Summerset Isles there was a Master Alchemist named Aldroni Olorin. He worked up a mastery of Alchemy and Magic in hope he would produce a potion that could create Everlasting Life. Well one day after stealing very rare ingredients from a very powerful Mage, he quickly brewed his potion with a mixture of restoration, destruction, and alteration spells. And claimed to have the first prototype, but before he could test it the powerful mage whom he stole from sent some of his pupils to burn down Aldroni’s Alchemy shop, and kill him.

Now Aldroni had a servant of his own who tended to the shop, I believe this servant was Elendil. Who during the attack, drank the potion in confusion that it might be a health potion after escaping, whether the potion was actually an immortality potion or simply a potion to grant eternal youth or even vast extended life, is beyond me.”

Some consider this the most logical conclusion and answer to Elendil’s life, the first known text of Elendil was from a weary tradesman who wrote in his journal. Here is the text which he wrote:

”Today I was traveling from Valenwood to Cyrodiil, when a gang of bandits attempted to rob me of my little shop! I ran as fast as I could, but when I looked back to see how close I was to death I tripped down a hill and deep into the forest. Scared for my life, and unable to move from a broken ankle. I watched in fear as the bandits descended from the hill to kill me. However when all was lost, All of a sudden a fireball was cast to the bandits, flames shot about in a way only a mage could wield. When the bandits were destroyed, I fainted in relief.

When I awoke, I found myself in a small cave, very neatly furnished as if someone had been living here for some time and made the cave their home. A high elf offered some food to me as he finished wrapping my bandages. He appeared to be fresh with youth, there was nothing too distinguishing about him except for the fact he wore Brown hooded robes, his facial structure almost resembled a Breton at first but his ears and height gave away as an Altmer. The only weapons I could see were his magical staff and a peculiar Sword, it was not of elvish design but it did not align with any single race. It was not distinct in design but it appeared to have sentimental interest to the Elf. I asked him his name and the only name he gave was, ’Elendil.’”

This was at the very beginning of the Second Era when this was recorded, the next text came in the Third Era by a Priory.

All the texts and books and parchments about Elendil would take forever, but it appears the most significant moments were captured as an appearance in the War of the Red Diamond, enlightening us that Elendil at some point became a Knight of the Nine.

It was written by the Hero of Kvatch in several occasions this Elendil aided him in battle and offered advice though out his legacy.

The Dragonborn of the 4th era wrote about him, in fact it was the only written text found after the third era about Elendil. Saying how a High Elf called Elendil had aided him in training with the Way of the Voice, which can indicate at some point Elendil learned it from the Grey Beards.

But all of our information comes from campfire stories of legends and myths passed down from storyteller to storyteller, from inn to inn and from traveler to traveler of an elf who simply takes care of those in need when he comes across them. How his magical abilities of Fire can compete with a Dragon’s. But the tales go on and on forever.

In ESO, you can watch and see how we go back to the beginning and witness the myth and legend of how Elendil’s story began. Watch as he goes through his internal turmoil, at first harnessing his gift, finding its limitations, and growing to despise it as a curse.
Watch as he exiles himself and then becomes enlightened by the Divines, devoting himself to their will and keeping a watchful eye as a guardian, a monk, a pilgrim, and a wizard; serving those in need throughout Tamriel.

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