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The Adventures of a Khajiit Adventurer in the Ebonheart Pact

"I know, whenever I tell people that is my name, they all laugh." Bee'lest thought, smirking. "That is, until they realize I'm a Pact Khajiit here for one reason, and one reason show that I see more crime here in Davon's Watch than my rat brother, Blue Standard, has seen in 5 months with that blasted Covenant."

She had just done her own (legal) scheme, by stealing a wine bottle for a dark elf named Naril. She thought to herself "Now that I've set an example, it's time to resign myself to being a so-called 'Fly on the Wall', or whatever those Guards call it."

Suddenly, Bee'lest heard a sword being withdrawn from its scabbard, and it sounded like it was coming from outside the Blacksmith, not a bowshot from where she was standing. She sprang into action, running towards the sound. While she was running, she reached into her pocket for her feather pen, and into the other pocket for her journal. She then flew off the stairs and almost collided with a Nord trying to flee from the situation. Side-stepping out of the way of the Nord, she found the trouble...a Male Dunmer with 2 Male Breton accomplices was trying (very unsuccessfully) to fight off a Pact Guard. A Dunmer woman (presumably the Dunmer's wife) stood there confused. One of the Male Breton accomplices pretended to "fight" the Dunmer, but the Guard was not fooled in the slightest.

Another Pact Guard almost collided with Bee'lest as he was trying to get to the troublemakers. However, Bee'lest sensed the guard coming, and side-stepped out of the way of the guard. The guard, now having a clear shot, charged into combat. One swipe, and one of the Bretons was dead. The other Breton, sensing the fight was lost, fled, with one of the guards in hot pursuit. The Dunmer, now alone, was a sitting duck for the guard's stun and swipe that summarily executed him. The guard then retreated back to his post. Bee'lest headed off in the direction of the fleeing Breton, and found the Breton dead 20 paces from where the Dunmer crook was slain.

The guard approached Bee'lest. "Ma'am, care to inform me as to what you're doing?"

Bee'lest said, "Basically, I'm compiling different incidents the city guard responds to, so that way you as part of the City Guard might prevent crimes from even occurring."

"Ah, ok. I thought you were planning to haul the body away, which can result in you getting charged with Necromancy," the city guard said.

Bee'lest said, "Oh, gods no. The Three forbids it, does it not? And I obey the Three."

"Ok, my mistake. Carry on." The City Guard headed back to his post. Bee'lest took out her journal, and started inscribing the tale.

To be continued...
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    "Another day, another stakeout of the city, another page to write," Bee'lest said, half to herself. "And I found the perfect spot...right in this tree, over by the woodworking section."

    She did not have to wait long. In fact, she was barely in position before she had to pull out her feather pen and journal. A guard halted a Nord who was trying to steal stuff. Not willing to pay, the guard started attacking. The Nord tried the coward's way by sneaking out of the city. When he burst out of the gate, he thought he was in the clear...until a guard standing right outside the stable immobilized him. A swing of his greatsword later, the Nord was dead. Bee'lest stopped running, a little out of breath, and wrote in her journal.

    After inscribing the tale, she put away the journal, and headed back to her watchpost. And then began a long wait for the next criminal. To pass the time, she took a page of her journal and using her feather pen, tried her best to draw the city landscape from her view in the tree. Bee'lest finished the painting just in time to hear fighting.

    Immediately, she turned to a fresh page in her journal and started writing. A Dark Elf had supposedly attacked a Pact soldier and now he was in hot pursuit. A Pact Guard joined in, and a stun and swipe later, the Dark Elf was dead.

    "What an idiot," Bee'lest thought as she headed back to the bank. Surely, someone would attack there...

    To be continued...
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    If you can't handle the heat...stay out of the kitchen!
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    Bee'lest headed back towards her spot...the tree encircled by a stone fence. Bee'lest liked this spot for two, nobody would disturb her if she decided to sleep, and two, the tree allowed her to hide and still observe crime going on.

    Bee'lest laid down, stretched, and yawned. She needed to sleep. But no sooner had she closed her eyes than a sword withdrawn from its scabbard forced her to get up and take out her journal and feather pen. She looked out towards the Mages Guild and found a Dunmer being attacked by the Guards. The Dunmer fled towards the town square, giving Bee'lest a close look at her face. Bee'lest then realized it was the same Dunmer that she seen earlier that morning over at the crafting area.

    Bee'lest tried not to laugh but lost the battle against her better judgment. She chuckled to herself a little bit as she opened her journal. A stun and swipe later, the Dunmer was dead.

    Bee'lest laughed a little as she thought "I now upgrade the Dunmer's status from idiot to idioso."

    She then decided to tear off towards the town square and see what crime she could pick up there. Besides, it may tire her out a little more so that she can sleep.

    To be continued...
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    Bee'lest teared off toward the town square, hoping to find some crime. She didn't need to wait long before she had to pull out her feather pen and journal.

    A Dunmer male decided to play the game of "How many swipes can you make before you alert the Guards?" Soon, however, another Dunmer male decided to join in...obviously watching from afar. They snuck around the back, therefore not drawing attention of the guard that was not 5 paces from them. However, seeing the success and pillaging of the two Dunmer males, an Argonian male decided to try and join in the fun. It was at that point that one of the Dunmer males decided three's a crowd. He snuck out of the Town Square entrance, squeezing past two guards, and then when he was a good distance away, ran off toward the Outlaw's Refuge, hugging the wall. Smart move...and the total loot stolen by this Dunmer male was 45 gold, which is not that much. Bee'lest stopped for a bit to write in her journal, then headed back into the Town Square.

    Back in the Town Square, Bee'lest found the Argonian and the other Dunmer male were still pillaging. But their luck was about to run out. They decided they had gotten enough of the loot and now needed to make a break for the Outlaw's Refuge...but they made the idiot's move of not going around the shops. Caught by the guard, the Argonian and Dunmer were practically bait for the Pact Guard, who killed both.

    "What idiots," Bee'lest thought to herself as she wrote in her journal. A Guard then yelled at her "Hand's up."

    Bee'lest threw her hands up. A Guard approached her and said, "Weren't you the Khajiit that...wait..." The guard checked herself. "I'm so sorry, I mixed you up for another Khajiit."

    "No worries," Bee'lest said. "However, where did you last see said Khajiit, and what did he/she looked like?"

    "I saw a male Khajiit rob the Alchemy store and pass through this area, at which point I lost him. I saw your tail, but unfortunately I acted too hastily and assumed it was the Khajiit."

    "What direction was he last heading in, do you remember?" Bee'lest asked.

    "I thought I saw him..."

    He was cut off by a relatively distant voice coming from the direction of the bank yelling "Halt in the name of the Pact!"

    "Well, that answers my question." Bee'lest said to the guard. "The bank is only a bowshot from here. Come on, before he gets away."

    Bee'lest whipped out her journal and feather pen while the guard withdrew her sword. Both rushed off toward the bank.

    Sure enough, both the guard and Bee'lest found the Khajiit halted in front of the bank by a male guard.

    The Khajiit said, "What is your problem? Is practicing your stealth skills for combat enough to get you arrested."

    The male guard updated the female guard on the situation, not aware the alchemy store was robbed. "I caught this one sneaking around and looking at me suspiciously. I don't know what he's planning, but right now I can't tell whether he's lying or not."

    "Actually, I caught this one robbing the alchemy store, so you did well in stopping him."

    "Oh, what say you now, Khajiit? Do we need to add robbery to your charges?" the Male Guard said.

    "I did not rob the store."

    "We can do this one of two can either confess and pay up, or I can drag your lifeless body to the docks and leave it to be eaten by Three-knows-what." the Female guard said.

    "I said, I did not rob the store."

    "Last warning." the Male Guard said.

    "You want to fight? The Three will lament the loss of Davon's Wa..."

    He was silenced by a stun from the Male Guard followed by an executing strike from the Female Guard. He lay there in front of the bank, with his face looking terrorized.

    Bee'lest took out her journal and started writing.

    To be continued...
    If you can't handle the heat...stay out of the kitchen!
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