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I was just wondering if any other alt-o-holics had done this:

I went and bought a set of lvl25-28 healer's habit armour for my altmer templar healer from some guild stores, and then some time later:

the same set of armour came in again for my argonian nightblade healer. I mean, I know it wouldn't have taken long to find some more on the guild stores, but it's the sentiment, you know :)
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  • SlayerSyrena
    I have a full Dwarven set (mix of heavy and light) that I hand down to my alts once they reach the appropriate level. :)
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    Solus Lighthawke - Altmer DK Tank- Sword n' Board and Greatsword
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    Ashiran Zahuluu - Dunmer Stam Sorc - Dual Wield Blades and Bow
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  • Dekkameron
    I never have the bank space to keep armour for other chars really. its not a problem though as i have resources stocked up to my eyeballs..

    My tastes and themes change for each character anyway.
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