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Fun Game with the Justice System. (Legerdemain Game)

A few amazing Khajiits came up with this game and asked me to share it on the forums. It's a blast! :)
Goal: Steal as many items as you can in 20 minutes and at the end, the one who profits the most gold from selling or laundering their stolen items wins. The winner receives half of all player's gold that they profit from their stolen items.

1. At the start of the game, all participants begin at the front entrance of the city/town.
2. Players may kill innocents, if they wish to do so.
3. Host of the game keeps track of how much time is left until the end.
4. Players provide their own lockpicks, but it is encouraged that each person start with the same amount.
5. Make space in the inventory for stolen items.
6. Players can only go to the Outlaw Refuge at the end of the game.
7. If caught by a guard, you have the choice to pay bounty or attempt to escape. (Note: If you pay the bounty, stolen items will also be taken)
8. Stay in designated areas. Can not move outside of the boundaries to steal.
9. After "Time" is called by the host, all players must stop looting and run to the nearest Outlaw Refuge without getting caught.

AD- Vulkel Guard, Skywatch, Mathiisen, Woodhearth, Vulkwasten, Velyn Harbor, Rawl'kha, Dune and Elden Root.
EP- Ebonheart, Davon's Watch, Mournhold, Stormhold, Windhelm, Riften, and Nimalten.
DC- Daggerfall, Aldcroft, Wayrest, Shornhelm, Sentinel, Evermore, Hallin's Stand.
Belkarth and The Hollow City.

This game was created by me, @Bulhan, who was given the idea by his friend, @Suladin1975. A few games have been played for testing and has been successful. I hope it will be an enjoyable game to all and I am open to any suggestions that might help the game.
Dovres Malven
- Aldmeri Dominion
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