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Just Tell Me A Lullabye


I guess it works out sometimes, and then sometimes it dont. I can't say I know what it all means, not even now. However, if I am to tell the tale, I must start from a beginning. Never "the beginning", because where does anything really begin? Is birth the beginning? Our ancestors would tell us no, as they dream the dreams of the dead. The dreams of their line continuing through us, because they were a beginning once.
No one ever really wishes to be the end it seems.

I followed her for a while. She was beautiful, and she knew it. She knew it, but not in the way of vanity, instead, in the way of one that understands themselves. Her hair was golden, and caught the sparkle of the lamps and torches. Daggerfall was a dangerous place at night, but she knew her way around. She knew the people, the guards, the workers. They all knew her. Her melodious voice could be heard drifting through the allies as she took time to speak any of them that spoke to her.
Dangerous indeed.
She carried the basket through to the east side of town, and left the gates. If Daggerfall was dangerous at night, the woods were far worse. I stayed to the shadows, watching her on her way. She crossed the bridge, acknowledging the night watchmen as she did so. She gave him a drink, like she did any night that she came this way. He appreciated it, and thanked her for it.
She was such a good person. Kind and loving.
I looked up to the night sky, following the signs of the gods, even tracing them in my mind. The moon was soon up, and the darkness would not be as covering.
As the night watchman set and began to drink, I casually walked the bridge as well. He paid me no mind. I had a way about me, a means to be there, but in a way that others took no notice. You can say that little gift was bestowed upon me since my youth. The ability to be flash and flair when I wished, but also the ability to be just another shadow. No, it was not magic. It is what one learns quickly when they grow up on the poor side of the city, along the docks.....under the docks.

She took the small path into the woods. I had seen her do this only a few times. I was here investigating a problem, a problem that needed to be solved, by a problem solver with my gifts. The laws of the land did not always understand, nor agree with my work, but it was an honest job, if there was such a thing.
I watched as she entered a small clearing. She sat down, and began to pray. I was not sure to which god, as she did so quietly. The deep dark sky was now beginning to lighten up slowly, as the full moon began to rise.
It would not take long now.
I entered the clearing, this time not bothering with the cloak of darkness. She knew me. She smiled, happy to see me.
I was her secret. Her lover, and she did indeed love me.
She greeted me with a kiss, passion flowing through both of us. I knew she did not have much time, so I parted from her. I was her champion. I was her friend. I was her confidant.
She looked to the sky, and began to object to me being there. She worried, but I assured her it was okay. I offered another kiss, and could feel the heat of her on me. I knew her passion was increasing, and soon she would no longer be able to control it. She pressed her lips harder against mine, rubbed her body against my own. She was no longer in in control, as her simple tunic slipped off.
I heard wolves in the woods calling, but they were not a danger.
I slipped my hand to my waist, and removed my dagger. I slid it quickly across her throat, as her eyes grew wide, understanding.
I used to tell her tales, lullabyes, as she slept in my arms. I guess it had to have been a few months now. I told her the last one, as I gently laid her to the ground. Told her of the beautiful woman, that was kind and giving. Told her how sorry I was that she was made into the monster she was. How regretful it was that I had to now betray her.

As I watched her blood drain into a small, clear stream, I understood this lullabye would not turn into a sweet dream.
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