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Xbox 360 controller on PC

Soul Shriven
To be honest I have always been a console gamer. I absolutely hate using a keyboard and a mouse I have never been able to get comfortable with it. Which has not allowed me to enjoy any MMORPG. I'm assuming with this game there has to be an exact way to emulate a console experience because I was able to eliminate the keyboard and be comfortable on Oblivion and It is being released on Xbox. I have tried the "perfect ESO" setup for Xpadder and I don't know if I am just not understanding the controls or if It it just does require some use of mouse and keyboard. One issue is the view keeps messing up and switching to a third person perspective I don't know why it is doing this and I don't know how to fix it really when it happens. I understand that it's a learn it on your own for controller since the game will never tell you the correct buttons to hit, but with Oblivion I was pretty much able to jump back and forth between computer and console with no problems
  • RickW2007
    Soul Shriven
    I realize probably the typical response is going to be then wait for the console game it's finally almost here, but I really want to play on both separate character separate groups of people to play with I think it will be fun. I just have never been able to play keyboard and mouse. I have always preferred gamepads and back when I did dabble in computer games they supported gamepads. I realize on most MMORPG they are more complex and utilize many more buttons than a controller has to offer. I just hope that since this game is being released on a console that Gamepad support can be achieved to an acceptable level and I'm not proficient enough at Xpadder or the game itself to try to make my own
  • snowmanflvb14_ESO
    Edited by snowmanflvb14_ESO on March 1, 2015 12:12AM
    Magic is impressive but now Minsc leads SWORDS FOR EVERYONE!!
  • StihlReign
    I use an X-Box controller and made one of the first profiles for ESO over at Pinnacle. Their software is reliable and pretty easy to setup and use.
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