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Update 6 Release – Moved to First Week of March

Community Manager
We've moved our target release for Update 6 from this week to the first week of March. We're working on fixing an issue that is causing audio in the game (on the PTS) to completely drop out. There are some software dependencies with the audio issue that require time to fix, thus the Update 6 release date shift. This extra week also allows us to address any other critical issues that may arise.

The Update 6 release date change does not impact our transition to Tamriel Unlimited on March 17th, but it does impact the next loyalty rewards deployment. The next loyalty reward deployment, including the Mask of Cheerful Slaughter, will be a few days after Update 6 goes live. The Striped Senche will be delivered shortly after Tamriel Unlimited launches on March 17th.

Thank you all for helping us test Update 6, and continuing to provide constructive feedback and suggestions about ESO. March is going to be an exciting month—we look forward to spending it with you!
Jessica Folsom
Associate Director of Community - ZeniMax Online Studios
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