Looking for Nordic or Swedish guild [EU/EP]

Soul Shriven

Me and my wife are looking for a guild to join in ebonheart pact. We´re from sweden so swedish or nordic prefered, but eu guilds could work.
I am a Templar and my wife is a nightblade, both at Veteran 11. We are interested in both PVP and PVE but on casual bases.
We started our journey in the beta but have'nt played that much because it's starting too get real hard playing on our own.

So if you got or know of any nice guilds we would be glad to join, if we may.

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  • Neryaz
    Ruthless. Swedish Guild on EP Here is the Website to apply http://ruthless.se
    DK VR 16 Phixus Azura/Trueflame

    Templar VR 16 Trygor Azura/Trueflame.
  • a.j.m777b16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Dere kan også prøve 500 Companions, Norsk / Svensk guild. Sosial gjeng, hvor veldig mye skjer gjennom teamspeak. 50 + medlemmer samt at vi har en av de cooleste guild tabbarts i eso-eu. http://500companions.guildlaunch.com
  • Manpans
    Soul Shriven
    Tack för tipsen, skall kolla in båda :) Det är en djungel där ute med guilds.
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