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Khans Legion RP Event Tonight @ 8pm CT

Ex-Imperial General 'Goldie Khan' leads the legendary and revered 'Khans Legion'. General Khan, having led the 12th Imperial Legion through many successful campaigns, gained legendary status in the Longhouse Wars.

When the minions of Molag Bal began their invasion of the Imperial City, General Khan, knowing that the city would fall, saved countless lives by ordering the Legion to withdrawal to the Abbey of the Eight, to the southwest of the city. As the remaining members of the 12th started to regroup at the Abbey, some of the soldiers started referring to what was left of their Legion, as Khans Legion, due to General Khans heroism.

Most of the Legion was scattered, only a handful of the 500 strong bastion of Cyrodiil remain. Those who survived, now allied with the Dominion, fight to secure the Ruby Throne. General Khans captains are scouring the darkest corners of the Southern Alliances looking for recruits to fill the ranks of the New Legion. Since the fall of the Empire under Aquillarious, the world has changed. The members of the Legion, now renegades and outlaws, have become a mercenary force the likes of which Nirn has never seen. Now, the only question is... What part will you play in the story?

New to RP? No problem, come hang out with us and make some new friends!
Come join Khans Legion, tonight @ 8pm Central Time.

We will be meeting at Skywatch in Auridon. Look for the Black and Gold Tabards.

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