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Beyond Infinity - Sanctum Ophidia 32:22min - Speedrun Achievement

Today we managed it as the 2nd Guild on EU-Sever to complete the Serpent Trail with the Speedrun Achievement

An amazing run with amazing people! Thanks to all!

Akatenshi for seeing everything even in the most crowded battles
Assuras for being our untouchable meatshield
Corpus for burning the serpent alive
Driszt Do'Urden for the always on target arrows
Eucken for having a pig with him and for being an excellent lamiakiller
Excelsiore for leading 11 other weirdos to this achievement
Kar Zuko for the always present veils
Kas for clearing Sanctum for the first time ever
Mamza for making sure the Mantikora wouldn't hurt us
Mayaa Do'Urden for the everlasting rain of standards
Senaxu for the heals and the stormies
Woeler (myself) for being a cat


We are a german raidguild on the Aldermei Dominion faction and if you want more information about us, join us or just get in contact then feel free to read the new Guild Spotlight where our guild is featured:
Unchained Animals - EU - @Baumlaus
  • jpatek0501ub17_ESO
    Get any Special rewards or Elite gear? What makes Speed runs/Trials worth the effort, Leader boards/Brag rights?
  • Baumlaus
    You 'only' get an achievment for 50 Points and a new dye ;) Otherwise the leaderboards where you can show off ;) But for us its mostly a great great accomplishment as we were often very close to that time and now finally got it
    Edited by Baumlaus on February 20, 2015 12:01AM
    Unchained Animals - EU - @Baumlaus
  • Panda244
    Grats man, was never one for trials but I'll acknowledge the accomplishment. :smile:
    Aldmeri Dominion For Life!
    Crassus Licinius II - DK - V14 - Former Emperor of Blackwater Blade NA (The Dragonknight that refuses to go Vampire.)
    N'tel Arlena - NB - V14 - Retired Sap Tank of Haderus NA, Harasser of Many (Also, not a vampire. Goes by nickname Nutella.)


    Officially Resigned From Cyrodiil As Of 4/15/15 10:24 PM EST.
  • Baumlaus
    Thanks very much;) We appreciate it;)
    Unchained Animals - EU - @Baumlaus
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