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  • pppontus
    The only solution to class balance is:

    • World
      • Soul Magic
        • Replaced Soul Strike with a new ability called Nuke that instantly kills all allies and enemies across all campaigns in Cyrodiil and all PvE Zones including instanced dungeons. Cost: 150 Ultimate.

    Done. GOTY!
  • Sav72
    ROFL. words "Buff and DK" in same sentence makes me laugh.
    Savoifair, EP NB

    If you break something, you can glue it back together and fix it, but, it will always be broken...

  • Animal_Mother
    Sav72 wrote: »
    ROFL. words "Buff and DK" in same sentence makes me laugh.

    But they go so well together: "Please BUFF xxx because every time I yyy DKs I die."

    Back OT: Bats summoned by Vamps need to summon their own bats with lasers attached to their heads.
  • Sphinx2318
    yes YES!!!!! AND!!! restrict vampirism to DK's ONLY!!!!!!!
  •  Jules
    Sav72 wrote: »
    ROFL. words "Buff and DK" in same sentence makes me laugh.

    Sad times....
    In patch 2.1, "buff" and "dk" are in the same sentence and not for satirical reasons. :'(

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  • Cybercore_Death
    Panda244 wrote: »
    roechacca wrote: »
    They need to just morph into full grown dragons . That will settle this issue once and for all .

    Claw - One Shots Everything in front of you
    Tail Lash - Swipe your tail one shotting everything behind you
    Devour - Eat some poor sod recharging all resources
    Take Flight - Spread your wings and fly like a birdy
    Nom - On all the poor souls in front of you'

    Ultimate - Murder everything within a 5 mile radius of you and call forth an army of Dremora to do your bidding.

    Balanced enough @roechacca‌ ?

    Had to revive this thread because of this!!!!
    I'm a Dunmer DK Damage Dealer - My that's a lot of D's
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