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Can't find all the missing villagers. The Missing of Bleakrock Quest.

Soul Shriven
I noticed the game notifies the player in the map on where exactly there are quests to find, and I have done them all the Bleakrock island quests, but the quest still says I can either find all the missing villagers or tell Rana to evacuate early. What am I missing? Do I need to explore every spot of the island or something? because other quests had pointers on the maps to notify me they exist and I want to find all the missing people.

Thank you.
  • Rosveen
    Every quest on the island is related to the missing villagers, so you have to finish them all. You can check the achievement in your journal (Quests -> EP) to see who you're missing. I usually forget about the guy near Deathclaw lair.
  • Runefell
    You have to explore, and save several people. Not sure if they're all necessary, but let's see here if I can't remember all the quests there...
    You have to help the wife at the lumbermill find her dog and husband.
    You have to help the guy trapped in the Ice Cave with the Frozen Man
    You have to help the nord lady turn her three friends back from being skeevers
    You have to rescue the fighter's guild people from spiders
    You have to help the hunter kill the giant bat
    You have to rescue a guy being held by bandits, as well as burn some supplies
    You have to kill the necromancer and stop the skeletons
    You have to go through the bandit camp and close a portal to oblivion.

    I think that's all of them?
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  • Iluvrien
    You also might get a more fulsome answer if you posted this question in the forum specifically designed for questions about EP questlines:

  • Dru1076

    If you check the achievements list, finding the missing villagers is one of them. If you missd one or two, that's the fastest way to find out.

    I had handed the mission in and moved on, but was able to go back and get the one I had missed after finishing Coldharbour.
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  • BadWolfx
    Soul Shriven
    I found the achievements and I can clearly see which ones I finished and didn't. I also tried exploring and quickly discovered another quest connected to the missing. Not feeling so lost anymore. Thanks for all your help! :)
    Edited by BadWolfx on February 11, 2015 2:32AM
  • NinjaVsUnicorn
    Soul Shriven
    What's the name of the achievement?
  • NinjaVsUnicorn
    Soul Shriven
    I found it. HERO OF BLEAKROCK.
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