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Official Discussion Thread for "The Tamriel Town Crier, Issue #5"

This is the official discussion thread for the web article "The Tamriel Town Crier, Issue #5."

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Jason Leavey
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Staff Post
  • Ancientrock
    I appreciate this a lot, it makes easier to know the changes that are happening and to read more about lore, thank you guys.
  • ForestGuard

    Try not to link to such biased, opinionated garbage next time, yeah?

    Regarding AD: "and they all thought the minor races shouldn’t be allowed to live, as they were too fiery and lived a short life-span which would cut down their vision."

    That's not even remotely correct.
  • Shimmer
    I would really like to know why I submit my videos and they never get featured. I sensing some bias or favoritism here.
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  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    I almost always enjoy The Crier, especially the artworks that are displayed; a noticeable feature that was lacking this time. I hope more are shown again in future.
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