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A Day In The Life - Khivas

Part One; 5:45am, 7th of Sun's Dawn, 2E

In the cold morning air before the sun peaked over the mountains that oft left Riften covered in frost, a man veiled by a black cloak walked slowly through the city streets, his steps thunderous despite his efforts to walk softly across stone pathways and wooden docks, the surface of each betraying him to his prey.

He could feel it now, the reason for which he was there, that singular purpose driving him closer and closer to that which must be achieved, yet cannot be named. The air cast a slight mist the closer one approached the docks, and in the background if your ears were sharp enough, you could hear fisherman and dockworkers beginning the long day of providing for their families and building their businesses, honest people in a dishonest town. And among those poor souls it roamed, a monster fleeing to return to it's hole in the ground after feeding on an innocent life.

The body would be discovered soon as the misty fog lifted, and the man who was hunting the hunter would be hard pressed to make it past the droves of people and guards in panic as they found out about the monster in their midst. With that in mind, the man picked up his pace and started to move more quickly across the docks, chasing down the presence he felt as it moved through the shadows, wanting to catch it unawares.

As the man rounded a corner he found himself on a boardwalk with an open end facing the river, the entire water surface covered in fog. He could hear the water moving beneath him, but he noticed something was off about it, the sounds of water moving but in a more unnatural way, as if something was making it move more than it should.

With the hair on his neck standing up, the man reached towards his sheath out of caution, and just as he did, the fetid, mangled arm of something that was once human came screaming for his throat as a cold, mottled corpse came flying from the fog to end and consume his life.

In a single motion however, the man would draw his blade and remove his cloak at once, slashing the creature down from the air, and in a flash of holy fire, the being would be consecrated and properly destroyed, no longer a threat to those still living.

But the creature had set out to do what it wanted to do, and as it turns out the creature knew the man was there to end it, and what was a silent crawl to it's home, it was now a full on sprint.....

Without any other alternatives to the solution of slaying the monster, Khivas sheathed his blade, and his full splendor of a Templar armed as a Monster Hunter, gave chase after the Vampire Lord in Riften.
Bobbity Boop, this game might become poop, but I'll still play because I'm just a pile of goop!
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