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Video Guide : Sanctum of Ophidia - Possessed Mantikora (1st Boss)

Hi everyone

The french guild Escouade Sauvage is pleased to provide you the video guide for the Mantikora fight, in english and french, from a healer perspective, your humble templar servant.


Of course, there are other slightly different methods for handling P2, but this one best suits us.

I'm hoping it will be of some use to some people :)

(I ask leniency for all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the video... I noticed some. Sorry for that ;) )

Have fun !
Edited by Usara on February 2, 2015 5:24PM
What? Lead? Me? No, no, no. No leading. Bad things happen when I lead. We get lost, people die, and the next thing you know I’m stranded somewhere without any pants.

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Usara Den Thasnet - Retainer of House Hlaalu (Dunmer Templar, heal)
Livia Augustus - Deserter of the Imperial 7th Legion (Imperial DK, tank)
Aspen Vael - Battlemage of King Casimir III (Breton Sorcerer, tank/dd magicka)
Caris Vael - Missing Student of the Mage Guild of Shornhelm (Breton NB, dd magicka, vampire)
Eugene Fitzherbert - Wanted con artist hiding in Wayrest (Imperial Templar, tank/dd magicka)

Chante-avec-les-escargots - House Hlaalu snail breeder (Argonian NB, tank)
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Dar'Aiean - House Hlaalu Smuggler (Khajiit NB, dd stamina)
Ferinwe - Alteration Instructor of the Mage Guild of Ebonheart (Altmer Sorcerer, dd magicka, retired)
Torafhilde Frostdottir - Winterhold Cryomancer (Nord Sorcerer, dd magicka)
Senecar - Daedra hunter, former Thalmor corps (Altmer Templar, dd magicka)
Ondres Hlaalu - House Hlaalu Skooma Trader (Dunmer NB, dd magicka)
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