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DC-EU player looking for guild

Soul Shriven

Are there any mature social and casual friendly guilds out there recruiting on DC?
Because I'm looking for one :).

I take the game seriously*,but I'm time limited (work, blah, blah blah.. ;) ). I'm in Tamriel for escapism and craic and I'd love to find some like minded peoples.

I would consider re-rolling to AD . The atmosphere is great in DC though, it's a very polite community (no aggro to date!). But maybe AD is the same.

I'm a DPS/support templar character at the moment, currently sub-50 (42) so I'm still pretty wrapped up in the story lines but I think those vet levels will be long and lonely without people to play with! I love the crafting in this game, I've provisioning maxed and I'm currently working on wood-working.

*well... seriously enough** ;)

**i.e. I rarely play drunk
  • drkeys143
    Hi, we are a small guild (20 members), very social, non/judgemental and accepting of all levels/abilities, we regularly group for dailies, craglorn etc, and are there to help each other out whenever needed, and most of us have alts at various levels too, so can usually group no matter the level required.

    We like members to be sociable, contribute to guild chat where possible, and to take an active part in the life of the guild, as any guild is only as good as its members :) We have a website and TS 3 server, if you feel we may be what you are looking for, then please add me, @drkeys143‌, I would be happy to extend you an invite!

    We are EU server, DC and play every evening and weekends
    WW Nightblade DPS
    Templar Healer
    GM - Scions of Dawn
  • Miotas
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks drkeys, sounds perfect. I'll be in touch in-game. :)
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