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A History of Thornblade

So today I want to get a bit of inspiration from the ESO PVP Thornblade community to make a video I'm working on. A History of Thornblade, to preserve all drama in dramatic voice-over fashion with humor alongside.

Short stories of Thornblade Lore, such as:

- The AD Council of Yesteryear, where are they now?
- Who is that person swearing at? Oh they're already ignored.

I will voice it over like an old-timey narration over some vintage Thornblade stuff (Been recording since Thornblade 2.0 at least)

Let me start...

Long, long ago, in a place known as Thornblade One-Point-Oh
An Anonymous one was Crowned, for six days in a row!

Here's the start of the video, to set the mood!

Guildmaster - Snarg Charm School
Snargatron - Pact Nightblade Vampire
Snargtaron - AD Army Commander
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